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Multiple choice model Questions for the High School Teacher Recruitment Examination 2015

 1. The purpose of imparting environmental education at the school level
(1) let the children learn a new subject
(2) creating an awareness about protection of environment
(3) celebrating 'Vanamahotsava' at the school level
(4) increasing the workload of teachers

2. 'Baaleyarige Bicycle' programme
(1) has provided cycles to school going girls
(2) has created new problems in schools
(3) has brought cheers to parents
(4) has created gender equality

3. Very young children consider a chapatti or roti has more dough than dough ball before. This is not yet developed
(1) conservation of volume
(2) conservation of mass
(3) conservation of shape
(4) conservation of area

4. Children learn to express anger with words as they reach
(1) 2 years
(2) abiltiy to speak
(3) 4 to 6 years
(4) school going age

5. Edusat programme means
(1) Computer assisted learning in the class
(2) Learning through radio
(3) Satellite based education
(4) Watching TV.

6. Teachers teaching mentally challenged children have to do theis
(1) punish and teach
(2) make the children to by heart
(3) teaching using the real objects to the extent possible
(4) children left to themselves

7. Steady growth and body shape changes in children occur more noticeably between the ages
(1) 10 to 11
(2) 11 to 17
(3) 0 to 1
(4) 4 to 6

8. The purpose of providing health education in schools
(1) is to inform children to take bath regualrly
(2) children can maintain their physical as well as mental health
(3) producing strong men and women
(4) is to establish coordination between the Dept. of Health and the Dept. of Educaion.

9. The purpose of Home based education
(1) it is better the child learns at homes as there are no facilities in the school
(2) parents can teach at home better as there is short supply of teachers
(3) bringing these special children who could not attend schools to the main stream
(4) application of the principle Home is the first School

10. Broadcast timing of kelikali
(1) saturday forenoon 10.30 to 11.30
(2) monday to friday forenoon 11.30 to 12.30
(3) everyday afternoon 3.00 to 4.00 pm
(4) monday to friday forenoon 11.00 to 12.oo noon

11. children aged 4-7 years often wriggle out of mother’s grip to go after intended things because they develop
(1) like for others
(2) a like for work
(3) fear of mother
(4) increased independence

12. To impart environmental education at schools we need
(1) garduates in environmental science
(2) Science teachers
(3) teachers who have environment consciousness
(4) audio visual aids


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