Certificate Programme in Nutrition and Food Examination, August 2014 Course – I : NUTRITION AND FOOD – AN OVER VIEW (New Scheme)

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Instruction : Answer all the questions following their internal choice.
Answer any ten of the following in 2-3 sentences. (10×2=20)
a. What are spices and condiments ? Give two examples.
b. Psychological functions of food.
c. How are nutrients classified ?
d. Name the nutrients that support metabolism.
e. Objectives of cooking.
f. Reference’ man.
g. Energy and protein requirements for preschoolers.
h. What are water soluble vitamins ? Give examples.
i. What is palatability ?
j. Tannins and phytates.
k. What are cereals and millets ?
l. Local food.

Answer any eight of the following. (8×5=40)
a. Give the limitations of RDAs.
b. Health concerns of food processing.
c. Irradiation and fermentation.
d. Deriving of RDA.
e. Functional foods and organic foods.
f. Nutritional composition of pulses.
g. Nutrition related problems of women.
h. Air as medium of cooking.
i. “Additional protein is essential to meet the nutritional requirements during
pregnancy” Justify.
j. Food habits during adolescence.
Explain any two of the following. (2×10=20)
a. Elaborate on food preparation.
b. Elaborate on accessory nutrients.
c. Explain need for food processing.
d. Elaborate on dietary problems in pregnant women.

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