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1.  The most important indicator of quality of education in a school is—
(A) Infrastructural facilities of a school
(B) Student Achievement level
(C) Text-books and Teaching-learning material
(D) Classroom system

Answer: (B) Student Achievement level
2. The best remedy of the student’s problems related with learning is—
(A) Diagnostic teaching
(B) Supervised study in Library
(C) Suggestion for private tuition
(D) Suggestion for hard work

Answer: (A) Diagnostic teaching

3.The in-service teacher’ training can be made more effective by—
(A) Using training package which in wellprepared in advance
(B) Making it a residential programme
(C) Using co-operative approach
(D) Practising training followup procedures

Answer: (D) Practising training followup procedures

4. Women are better teacher at primary level because—
(A) they have less chances in other profession
(B) they are ready to work with low salary
(C) higher qualification is not needed in this profession
(D) they behave more patiently with children

Answer: (D) they behave more patiently with children

5.. You have been selected in all the four professions given below. Where would you like to go ?
(A) Army
(B) Police
(C) Teacher
(D) Bank

Answer: (C) Teacher

6. The aim of education should be—
(A) To develop vocational skills in the students
(B) To develop social awareness in the students
(C) To prepare the students for examination
(D) To prepare the students for practical life

Answer: (D) To prepare the students for practical life

7. The best method of checking student’s homework is—
(A) To check by the teacher himself in a regular way
(B) To check the answers in the class in group manner
(C) To check them with the help of specimen answer
(D)  To assign it to intelligent students of the class

Answer: (A) To check by the teacher himself in a regular way

8. It is advantage of giving home work that students—
(A) remain busy at home
(B) study at home
(C) may be checked for their progress
(D) may develop habit of self study

Answer: (D) may develop habit of self study

9. Most important work of teacher is—
(A) to evaluate the students
(B) to deliver lecture in class
(C) to take care of children
(D) to organize teaching work

Answer: (D) to organize teaching work

10. A teacher should be—
(A) Honest
(B) Dilligent
(C) Dutiful
(D) Punctual

Answer: (C) Dutiful

11. Environmental education should be taught in schools because—
(A) it will affect environmental pollution
(B) it is important part of life
(C) it will provide job to teachers
(D) we cannot escape from environment

Answer: (B) it is important part of life

12. Navodaya Schools have been established to—
(A) increase number of school in rural areas
(B) check wastage of education in rural areas
(C) complete ‘Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan’
(D) provide good education in rural areas

Answer: (D) provide good education in rural areas

13. At primary level, it is better to teach in mother language because—
(A) it develops self-confidence in children
(B) it makes learning easy
(C) it is helpful in intellectual development
(D) it helps children in learning in natural atmosphere

Answer: (D) it helps children in learning in natural atmosphere

14. A teacher has serious defect is he/she—
(A) is physically handicapped
(B) belongs to low socio-economic status
(C) has weak personality
(D) has immature mental development

Answer: (D) has immature mental development

15. What is most important while writing on blackboard ?
(A) Writing in small letters
(B) Clarity in writing
(C) Writing in big letters
(D) Good writing 

Answer: (D) Good writing 

16. Some students send a greeting card to you on teacher’s day. What will you do ? You will—
(A) do nothing
(B) say thanks to them
(C) ask them to not to waste money
(D) reciprocate the good wishes to them

Answer: (B) say thanks to them

17. The success of teacher is—
(A) his/her good teaching 
(B) good traits of his/her personality
(C) high achievement of students
(D) his/her good character

Answer: (A) his/her good teaching 

18. If you are unable to get a job of teacher, then you will—
(A) start giving tuition at home
(B) remain at home till you get a job
(C) take some another job
(D) continue applying for teaching

Answer: (D) continue applying for teaching

19. A teacher can motivate the students by—
(A) giving suitable prizes
(B) giving proper guidance
(C) giving examples
(D) delivering speech in class

Answer: (A) giving suitable prizes

20. If a student does not pay any respect to you, then you will—
(A) ignore him
(B) award less marks in examination
(C) talk to his/her parents
(D) rebuke him

Answer: (A) ignore him

21. The aim of National Council for teacher education is—
(A) to open college of education
(B) to promote research in education
(C) to maintain standards in colleges of education
(D) to provide grant to colleges of education

Answer: (C) to maintain standards in colleges of education

22. Kindergarten system of education was contributed by—
(A) Froebel
(B) Spencer
(C) T. P. Nunn
(D) Montessori

Answer: (A) Froebel

23. ‘National Council of Educational Research and Training’ was established in—
(A) 1961
(B) 1962
(C) 1968
(D) 1976

Answer: (A) 1961

24. A Deepawali fair is being organized in your school. What would you like to do ?
(A) only to visit the fair
(B) to take part in function
(C) to take a shop to sell something
(D) to distribute free water to visitors

Answer: (B) to take part in function

25. The most important trait of a student is—
(A) sense of responsibility
(B) obedience
(C) co-operation
(D) to speak truth

Answer: (B) obedience


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