Read the following passage and find suitable answers to the questions 1 to 5

A game of chess means a battle between two armies having 15 pieces each. The battle field is a board of 64 squares. For about 15 centuries, since its birth in India, chess players have done everything possible to win. Chess has been given a special place by the Soviets. Lenin, a good chess player himself, introduced the game in the Soviet school programme. Of the seven world champions since the Second World war, six have been Russians. Bobby Fischer was the only American to win the World Champion title in 1972. The Russians were very much upset over this defeat. They thought some trick was played on them. As Bobby was beating Spassky they demanded to inspect the player's chair. All they found were a few dead flies.
Behaviour of chess players is often strange. It is not uncommon to see grown up men weeping in defeat. The Russian chess player Nimzovich was very angry losing to a lesser known player. He leapt on the table and scattered the pieces in all directions, saying, "Must I lose to this idiot!"

1. The passage is about
A. The battle between the Soviet Union and USA
B. The battle between two armies
C. The battle after Second World War
D. Chess game and the Soviets

2. Which word in the passage means 'throw in a haphazard way'?
A. scatter
B. leap
C. inspect
D. upset

7. In the passage, " a trick was played" means
A. Bobby played cards
B. Bobby used foul tactics to Spassky
C. Bobby played like a magician
D. Bobby played well

3. Which among the following is the correct passive form of ‘Somebody has put out the light?’
A. The light has been put out
B. The light has being put out by some one
C. The light was put out
D. The light had been put out.

4. Select the inappropriate alternative.
While dealing with autistic children, a teacher should ...........
A. give a clear daily routine
B. say a firm ‘No’ to unacceptable behaviour
C. address the child individually
D. use humour or irony

5. Choose the right option
A dictionary should not be used in the class room for ......................................
A. developing reference skill
B. finding the right spelling
C. developing reading comprehension
D. finding synonyms


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