1. Define the importance of safety.
2. Why is safety management is important?
3. State the safety training.
4. What is meant by safety publicity?
5. What is the role of personal protection equipments?
6. How to protect the face?
7. Define electrical safety.
8. What are the standards to be followed in personal protection equipments?
9. Brief about the safety inspection.
10. State the National Safety Council (NSC).
11. Write any four important Acts about safety.
12. Define safety survey.
13. How to prepare the check list of safety management techniques?
14. What are the techniques used to improve safety management?
15. How to improve the documentation process.
16. Explain briefly about role and qualification of safety professional.
17. Discuss about safety organisation.
18. How to develop various training programmes to improve safety?
19. Discuss briefly about the Factories Acts about safety.
20. Enumerate the important rules of Indian Electricity Act.
21. How to design and development of safety equipments? Explain.
22. Discuss briefly about “Safety equipment plays a vital role in accident
23. Explain briefly about safety management techniques.
24. Discuss briefly about safety information system.
25. Enumerate the process of planning and testing of personal protection