*1. Which of the following committee reports inquired into the growth of education in British India and potentialities of its further progress?

a) Muddiman Committee Report
b) The Hurtog Committee Report 
c) Butler Committee Report
d) lord mountbatten report

 Answer: b) The Hurtog Committee Report 

*2. Two of the great Mughal emperors wrote their own memoirs. Who are they?

a) Babur and Shahajahan
b) Humayun and Jahangir
c) Babur and Jahangir
d) Babur and Akbar

 Answer: c) Babur and Jahangir

*3. Who among the following is associated with Kakori Conspiracy?

a) Ram Prasad Bismal
b) Jatin Das
c) Jaya Singh
d) Vasudeo Phadke

 Answer: a) Ram Prasad Bismal

*4. The rulers of which of the following dynasty established the largest dominion in southern India?

a) Vasrdhanas
b) Cholas
c) Pallavas
d) Pandyas

 Answer: b) Cholas

*5. Which dynasty built the rock-cut temples at Khajuraho?

a) Chandellas 
b) Cholas
c) Rashtrakudas
d) Chalukyas

 Answer: a) Chandellas 

*6. During whose reign did Ibn-Batutah, the famous traveler visit India?

a) Mohammed ala ud-din
b) Ghias-ud-din Tughlaq
c) Ala-ud-din Khilji
d) Muhammad bin Tughlaq

 Answer: d) Muhammad bin Tughlaq

*7. Which of the following was a maritime power?

a) Bahmanis
b) Rashtrakutas
c) Cholas
d) Chalukyas

 Answer: c) Cholas

*8. Who among the following has been the President of Indian National Congress thrice?

a) Dadabhai Naoroji 
b) Aurobindo
c) Pandit Nehru
d) Annie Besant

 Answer: a) Dadabhai Naoroji