1.  In order to help a mentally challenged child in your class which of the following strategies would you adopt?
A. Send him to special school
B. Do not give him special attention
C. Provide him with simple, concrete experience
D. Ask him to change his learning style

2.  During the commemoration of August 6 in your school, importance should be given to
A. Environmental protection
B. Anti-war attitude
C. Significance of cleanliness
D. History of struggle for independence

3. As a teacher, what activities will you suggest to enable a child to identify the polluted condition of water resource.
A. Project
B. Interview with experts
C. Conduct seminar
D. Utilise libraries

4. Which of the following principle is involved in the balancing of hammer as shown in the figure
A. Principle of Floatation
B. Archimedes Principle
C. Laws of Motion
D. Principle of Levers

5. Which of the following period is generally termed as “the period of conflicts” in one’s developmental stage?
A. Infancy
B. Childhood
C. Adolescence
D. Adulthood

6. Assume that a student is given a list of correlated words to study and is asked to recall the words at a later time. Then according to Guilford’s Structure of Intellect model, the content of this test is:
A. Symbolic
B. Behavioural
C. Figural
D. Semantic

7. Which method given below for acquiring the concept of multiplication does not conform
to the approach to mathematics learning
A. Rote learning of multiplication table
B. Repeated addition
C. Applying in new situation
D. Solving practical problems.

8. A bus starts at 2 : 40 in the morning from Trivandrum and reaches Kannur at 4 : 05 in
the evening. The time taken for the journey is
A. 13 hours 25 minutes
B. 12 hours 25 minutes
C. 13 hours 15 minutes
D. 12 hours 15 minutes

9. Which of the following concepts is not a correct interpretation of 34 ?
A. three one fourths
B. three of the four equal parts into which
1 is divided
C. dividing 3 into 4 equal parts
D. four one-thirds