Final Year B.Sc Nursing Community Health Nursing Question Papers

Q.P. CODE: 404010 Reg. No: …………………...
Final Year B.Sc Nursing Degree Supplementary Examinations, June 2015
Community Health Nursing II
Time: 3 Hrs Max. Marks: 75
• Answer all questions
• Draw diagram wherever necessary
Essays (2x15=30)
1. Explain school health under the following heading:
● Objectives ● Aspects of school health ● Role of community health nurse
2. Describe the organisation and functions of health care system at national level in India
Short Notes (5x5=25)
3. Health economics
4. Prevention of food adulteration act
5. Importance of growth chart
6. Health problems in India
7. Information education and communication
Briefly explain the roles and responsibilities of the community health nurse in the
following areas (4x3=12)
8. Management information system
9. Treatment of minor ailments

10. Supervision of junior public health nurse / female health worker
11. Pulse polio programme
Differentiate between (4x2=8)
12. ESI and CGHS
13. Gram sabha and gram panchayat
14. Anganwadi worker and ASHA worker
15. NRHM and NUHM

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