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Scheme of Valuation
Model Question paper – 1

The following are the answers to the above question paper

I One Mark Questions
1. when Romeo would become star/cut out into little stars 1
2. tax on tobacco / wine and spirits/ poll tax /gaming house 1
3. in the house of tomorrow 1
4. Rabindranath Tagore 1
5. b) Dona Laura 1
6. her pilgrim soul / the sorrows of her changing face 1
7. art 1
8. a butterfly / an apple 1
9. invention of books 1
10. pedestrians 1

11. two years 1
12. cycling 1
II 4 Mark Questions
(Note: 2 marks for any 4 value points. ½ mark for each value point
1 mark for language ability / expression
1 mark for coherence.)
13. Romeo fascinated by Juliet’s beauty – says she teaches torches to burn bright – she
seems to hang upon cheek of night- compared to a rich jewel in Ethiope’s ear –her
beauty too rich for use – too dear for earth – looks like a white dove among crows –
says he would make his hand blessed by touching her hand – asks if his heart love
till then – did not see true beauty till that night
14. The execution of criminal – enquiry sent to Italian and French Govt. regarding
guillotine and expert – French Govt. quoted 16000 francs, Italy 12000 francs -
seemed costly affair – changed death sentence – to imprisonment for life – the guard
and food expense – also costly – decided to offer pension – criminal let free with
15. Children are – sons and daughters of life’s longing for itself – come through parents
– not from them – live with parents – not belong to them – parents can give love –
not thoughts – only body sheltered – not soul – they dwell in future – parents are
bows – children arrows – parents must bend with happiness – only then arrows fly
16. The cousin hid himself – fled – took refuge in Gonzalo’s house – expected danger –
went to Seville – came to Madrid – wrote many letters to Laura – no reply came –
believed love lost for him – in despair – joined army – went to Africa – met glorious
death – in a trench – held flag of Spain – uttered name of beloved Laura
17. Tammanna composed ballads – started singing them – became popular – Basavaiah
had no answer to this – Tammanna’s fame rose - felicitated as the best poet –
Basavaiah shrunk in humiliation – ran behind material wealth – Tammanna thought
of another method – to die and put an end to competition – thought death alone
would destroy Basavaiah – gave up everything and started off
18. Book according to Borges - the most astounding invention of man – other inventions
– extension of human body – telephone – extension of voice – telescope and
microscope – extension of sight – sword and plough – extension of hand – only book
is extension of man’s memory and imagination – books are memory of all centuries
– if books disappear – history would disappear – man would disappear
19. Speaker believes heaven is on earth – if not found on earth – nowhere else – humans
should try to become gods and nymphs thought to be in only heaven – attain
godliness – preserve nature by non-intervention – find heaven in nature – man
should work hard to get the harvest of labour – literature should aim to create
heaven on earth
20. Mikes says – nobody hurries in Brazil – reaching destination an hour early, a day
late or not at all does not matter – grey pavements decorated with beautiful black
mosaics – people who have plenty of time could do so – these leisurely people when
driving love speed – tenth of a second is a matter of importance – drivers cut in –
overtake o both sides
21. Roof is in the service of Marcus Ibe – expert in election campaigning – could tell the
mood of electorate – successfully conducted whispering campaign – offered five
pounds by POP team – Roof swears on iyi – pretends nothing has happened –
caught in a fix while voting in the booth – tore the ballot paper in two – put one half
in each box – thus kept his word
22. Cycling gives confidence to women – reduces their dependence on men – gives
them mobility in cut off areas – enables women to transport goods - boosts income –
cuts down on time – gives time to focus on selling produce – brings self-respect –
gives feeling of goodness and independence – serves as a metaphor for freedom
III. 6 Mark Questions
(Note: 3 marks for any 6 value points - ½ mark for each value point
1 mark for language ability / expression
1 mark for coherence
1 mark for critical appreciation)
23. Biodiversity encourages co-creation with nature – based on democratic principles –
ensures equal rights to all creatures – believes in abundance and freedom – cooperation
and mutual giving – brings about living economies – monocultures not
only affect nature but also life and its values – diverse thought process ceases – life
loses vitality and colour and aesthetic sensibility – life turns dull and monotonous
Tammanna and Basavaiah – rivals – compete with each other – in the beginning
competition healthy – takes on new dimension – Tammanna composes songs – sings
them – earns fame – Basavaiah shrinks in humiliation – runs after material wealth –
Tammanna thinks of punishing Basavaiah further– gives up everything – starts off –
Basavaiah passes away – Tammanna forgets his songs – human relations rely upon
strange things like challenge, rivalry and revenge
Water witness to many things – knows strife between village and wada – knows
difference of race and sub-caste – agony of panchama – humiliation of wada girl –
knows rage and rebellion in its name and for its sake – witness to social
discrimination and injustice – not simply H2O – mighty movement – makes poor
playthings – sits in a bottle - becomes a multinational market commodity –
omniscient – contains world
24. (Each question on the unseen passage and each value point from a-j carries one
a. for their rich and unique assemblage of flora and fauna
b. 25 / Twenty five
c. Goa / Karnataka / Kerala / Tamil Nadu / Maharashtra
d. at Kanyakumari
e. The Western Ghats
f. b. the Arabian Sea.
g. the eastern foothills of central Karnataka State
h. Kerala
i. ..... threatened ...
j. uncover
25. (Each question on the lines of the poem and each value point from i-iii carries one
i. in a yellow wood
ii. c. roads
iii. stood for a long time / looked down one road as far as he/she could
26. The kingdom ... was called ..... was decided ... was sent. 3
27. Don Gonzalo said that he was fond of good verses. He said that he had composed
some in his youth. Dona Laura asked Don Gonzalo if they had been good ones. Don
Gonzalo asked Dona Laura why she asked him such a question. Dona Laura told
Don Gonzalo not to be angry. 5
28. (Kumar meets Karan, a computer technician, to get his computer repaired.)
 Kumar : Good morning sir.
Karan : Good morning, please be seated. What’s the matter / problem?
(Seeking information )
 Kumar : My computer has stopped working since this morning.
(Giving information)
 Karan : Right now we are too busy. Can you leave your PC with us for two
days ?
 Kumar : Sorry, I can’t do so. I need it urgently. ( Expressing disapproval)
Karan : I am afraid you will have to go to another technician.
Kumar : O.K. Thank you. (Ending conversation) 4
29. The ministers ... straight out ..... turn their backs ... 2
30. The young man ....and......but....Then....At last... 4
31. 1. Aryan 2. pre-Aryan 3. Mohenjo-Daro
4. Harappa 5. multi-ethnic 6. Proto-Australoid
7. Mediterranean 8. Mongoloid 4
32. (Note: No marks to be awarded for mere format.
Format ................................................................. 2 marks
Content / body of the letter / text .............................3 marks
Bio-data can either be written separately or included in the body of the letter.)
33. Speech Writing
(Note: 1 mark for greeting.
2 marks for correct language usage.
1 mark for cohesion.
1 mark for leave taking.)
Report Writing
(Note: 2 marks for presentation of data
2 marks for analysis of data and
1 mark for expression.)
34. their refers to the Western Ghats’ 1
them refers to biodiversity hot-spots 1
which refers to animal species 1
who refers to indigenous people 1
35. Water should be used judiciously. 1


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