3rd Year PAPER-II (GNM EXAM) (Paediatric Nursing)
Time – 3 Hrs Full marks – 75
Answer All Questions
Q.1 (3+6+6)
a. Write the concept of paediatric.
b. Describe the role of paediatric nurse .
c. What are the international rights of a child?
a. Define Poliomyelitis. (3+5+7)
b. Write the signs and symptoms of Poliomyelitis .
c. Describe the measures taken for prevention and eradication of Poliomyelitis.
Q.2 (3+5+7)
a. What is tonsilitis?
b. Write the signs & symptoms of tonsillitis.
c. Describe the nursing care plan for tonsillitis.
a. What are the clinical features of rheumatic fever? (3+5+7)
b. What are the complications of rheumatic fever?

c. Write the nursing management of rheumatic fever .
Q.3 Write shorts on any 3. (3X5=15)
a. Kangaroo medical care
b. APGAR Score
c. Phototherapy
d. Marasmus
e. Congenital Anomalies
Q.4 A. Mark ‘True’ or ‘False’ agains t each sentence (1X10=10)
a. Phototherapy is the treatment given in physiological jaundice.
b. Somnambulsion is a psychological problem .
c. Colostrum is rich in iron.
d. Protein energy malnutrition can be prevented by correct introduction of food
at appropriate age.
e. Diarrhoea is a complication of measles .
f. Melancholia is loss of memory.
g. Monkey face is seen in marasmus.
h. Right ventricular hyper therapy is one of the defects in Fallots Tetralogy .
i. In Autism mental retardation occurs.
j. Haemophilia is a bleeding disorder.
B. Fill in the blanks. (1X5=5)
a. Widely open anterior fontanelle is seen in __________.
b. Children behaviours are abnormal due to ________ .
c. Impetigo is caused by __________.
d. Bleeding gum is found in __________deficiency.
e. In haemolytic anaemia __________is given.
Q.5 A. As a nursing personnel what are your roles and responsibilities in the
following situations. (2X5=10)
a. Enlarge tonsil of a child.
b. A child with whooping cough.
c. A 2yr old with delayed milestones.
d. A 2 month old child with pneumonia.
e. A 5yr old with a severe cut wound in the finger .
B. Write the full form of abbreviations. (1X5=5)