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Question # 1. How many edges meet at every branch node in a phylogenetic tree?
A. 1
B. 2
C. 3
D. 4

Question # 2. What makes FASTA faster than NEEDLEMAN WUNSCH algorithm?
A. The processor speed of the computer
B. Hash table lookup
C. Dynamic programming
D. The scoring matrix used

Question # 3. The Ramachandran plot is a
A. Phi-Psi scatter diagram.
B. Phi-Psi correlation diagram.
C. Phi-Psi steric contour diagram.
D. Phi-Psi energy diagram.

Question # 4. What is the difference between RefSeq and GenBank?
A. RefSeq includes publicly available DNA sequences
B. GenBank includes non redundant curated data
C. GenBank sequences are derived from RefSeq
D. RefSeq sequences are derived from GenBank

Question # 5. The sugar pucker observed generally in A-DNA structures is
A. C3'-Exo
B. C3'-Endo
C. O4'-Exo
D. C4'-Endo

Question # 6. The approach that can be used to predict the 3D structure of a protein which has
no detectable sequence similarity with the available templates is
A. homology modeling
B. comparative modeling
C. fold recognition
D. ab initio modeling

Question # 7. Which of the following can be determined using molecular mechanics?
A. Molecular orbital energies
B. Minimum energy conformation
C. Electrostatic potentials
D. Transition-state geometries

Question # 8. Which of these amino acids is “structurally” classified as being polar?
A. Phe
B. Pro
C. Ala
D. Leu

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