Karnataka Open School Examination, June, 2015

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3. Use the following phrases in meaningful sentences : 3  1 = 3
a) throw away
b) care for
c) lack of.
4. Eight words are given below. Make four pairs of rhyming words : 2
wild, day, shroud, gay, bright, child, cloud, night.
5. Fill in the blanks with the appropriate words choosing from the words given
in the brackets : 4  1 = 4
( dreamt, damages, proclaim, carving )
a) Noise .................. ears at 85 decibels.
b) Amartya had ................. of different professions.

c) He had difficulty in .................... the face.
d) You must ................... India is not an under-developed nation.
II. Answer the following questions in a word or a sentence each : 5  1 = 5
1. Why did the mountain goat look handsome ?
2. What is „Golibar‟ ?
3. Why did Grandfather warn not to go near a snake ?
4. Which animals were the villagers trying to protect their crops from ?
5. Why did the poet call the earth friendly ?
III. Answer the following questions in two or three sentences each : 12  2 = 24
1. Why did Tenali Raman smile at the courtier‟s answer ?
2. What would the king do if the barbar talked about the secret ?
3. Why did the monkeys laugh at the squirrel ?
4. According to the poet‟s imagination what were the tall trees doing ?
5. Which event was Anju specially good at ? How many times did she top in
this event ?
6. Why was the Master not happy about signing the affidavit ?
7. List out any four shining things that the poet talks about.
8. What were the mares made to do ?
9. Which events in early childhood had a lasting effect on Sen ?
10. What can we do to escape from the harmful effects of noise ?
11. Why was Salim so concerned about the old man ?
12. On what occasion and when did Pt. Nehru write a letter to his daughter
Indira Priyadarshini ?
IV. Read the given extracts and answer the questions that follow : 3  3 = 9
1. “But we swallowed two or three seeds nevertheless.”
a) Who does ‛we‟ refer to ?
b) What seeds were they ?
c) Why did they swallow ?