Question 1 :what is the full form of SGSY
A: Swarnahayanti grameen Rozgar yojana
B: Swarnajayanti Gram Rojgar Yojana
C: Swarnajayanti Gram Swarojgar yojana
D: swarnajayanti Gram Sahayak yojana

Answer: C: Swarnajayanti Gram Swarojgar yojana

Question 2 :In which year was SGSY Scheme introduced?
A: 1st March 2000
B: 1st April 1999
C: 1st April 1998
D: 2nd March 2001

Answer:B: 1st April 1999

Question 3 :What is the aim of SGSY Scheme?
A: To provide financial assistance
B: To form an organization of rural poor
C: To form SHGs.
D: To provide self emplyment and set up micro enterprises

Answer: D: To provide self emplyment and set up micro enterprises

Question 4 :Give full form of SHGs.
A: Self Help Groupism
B:  Self Healthy Groups
C: Social Healthy Groupism
D:Self Help Groups

Answer: D:Self Help Groups

Question 5 :How are payments made to the workers/beneficiaries under MGNREGA?
A: Through Bank or Post.
B: Cash
C: Kind
D: Cash & kind both

Answer: A: Through Bank or Post.

Question 6 :WHat is the quota for women in MGNREGA?
A: 1/3
B: 1/2
C: 1/4
D: 1/10

Answer: A

Question 7 :Who bears the Unemployment Allowance?
A: Central Government
B: Both State and Central
C: State Government
D: No one

Answer: C

Question 8 :How many days in advance can application for work be given under MGNREGA?
A: At least 14 days
B: 1 month
C: Six months
D: 5 days
Answer: A

Question 9 :What is the validity of the Job Card?
A: 1 year
B: 4 years
C: 5 years
D: 10 years
Answer: C: 5 years

Question 10 :Within how many days should the Job Card be issued to the applicant?
A: One week
B: Two weeks
C: One month
D: One month

Answer: B: Two weeks

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