Question 1  :If Minimum wage of any work is less than 10 Rs, then the work investigation in that fortnight would be done by which officer?
A: District Programme Coordinator 
B: Executive Engineer EGS
C: Chief Executive Officer 
D: Programme Officer
Answer: A: District Programme Coordinator 

Question 2 :When was NREGA Programme launched in the Country?
A: January 2001
B: February 2006 
C: March 2007
D: November 2011
Answer: B: February 2006 

Question 3 :When did NREGA rename MAHATMA GANDHI NREGA?
A: year 2003
B: year 2005
C: year 2009
D: year 2012
Answer: C: year 2009

Question 4 :Which of the following is not a source of income to the Gram Panchayat
A: Nominal Tax on Hawkers 
B: Grants-in-aid by state Government
C: House tax 

D: Money received from the sale proceeds of trees
Answer: B

Question 5 :Every village panchayat is headed by a sarpanch who is elected by
A: Members of village panchayat from among themselves 
B: Not elected but nominated by collector
C: Gram sabha 
D: Member of village panchayat from among citizen of village
Answer: A

Question 6 :One of the major functions of the Panchayat Samiti is to
A: Deal with administration of justice at the Panchayat level 
B: Deal with rural industrialization
C: Deal with financial matters of the Panchayat 
D: Implement community development projects/schemes.
Answer: D

Question 7 :3. In which of the following States was Panchayati Raj first introducted?
A: UP 
B: Bihar
C: Rajasthan 
D: Gujarat
Answer: C

Question 8 :NREGA permanent committee while authorising gram panchayat for any expenditure should be given report on which points?
A: The purchase criteria, rightrate,quality and quantity to be purchased 
B: MIS feeding of items to be purchases
C: only a 
D: both a and b
Answer: D

Question 9 :what is necessary to sanction current year labour material proportion?
A: maximum labour days of previous year 
B: average wages of previous year
C: liabilities of current year 
D: all of the above
Answer: D

Question 10 :If labour receive average labour wages less than Rs 100/- then the payment of Rs 107/- which is to be given to the semi-skilled mat should also be reduced proportionately?
A: Yes 
B: No
C: Sometimes 
D: None of these
Answer: B

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