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I. Answer any two of the following questions in not more than three pages
each : 2 × 15 = 30
1. What is the purpose of providing activities in a pre-primary school ?
Explain in detail the indoor activities provided in a pre-primary
school with their educational value.
2. What are the contributions of Madam Maria Montessori & Friedrich
Froebel to pre-primary education ?
3. Which are the organisations that work for the development of
pre-primary education ? Explain the role played by various
II. Answer any three of the following questions in not more than two pages
each : 3 × 10 = 30

1. What are the different ways of classifying children in a pre-primary
school ?
2. Trace the historical development of pre-primary education in
3. What is the procedure for the appointment of pre-primary school
teacher ? What are the qualities of a pre-primary school teacher ?
4. Write about grant-in-aid code to pre-primary school.
III. Write short notes on any two of the following : 2 × 5 = 10
1. School garden
2. Financial register
3. Time table.
87-EK 6
IV. Give reasons for the following : 5 × 2 = 10
1. A pre-primary school teacher should write the lesson plan.
2. The pre-primary school walls should be attractive and colourful.
3. Parents of children are invited to visit the school to know about the
progress of chilld.
4. Plenty of picture books should be provided to pre-primary children.
5. A pre-primary school programme of work should be flexible.
V. Fill in the blanks : 5 × 1 = 5
1. An ...................... register contains the names of all children in the
2. The idea of training teachers for the pre-primary school was first
given by ...................... .
3. Play with blocks brings about ......................... development in
pre-primary children.
4. A pre-primary school should have ...................... room to keep the
children having communicable disease.
5. MacMillan sisters gave importance to the ...................... and
hygiene of the children.
VI. Write any one educational value for each of the following : 5 × 1 = 5
1. Water play
2. Jungle gym
3. Rhymes
4. Museum
5. Swing

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