1. Which of the following are proteins ?
a) Hair b) Adrenalin c) animal nails d) cholesterol
1) b, d
2) a, c
3) a, d
4) b, c

2. Which of the following statements is not fit in the following group ?

1) Bedounins are the mixture of Southwest Asia and Meditarranean races.
2) Bushmens are basically hunter and gatherers of fruits and nuts.
3) Kraal is a group of huts of Zulu people.
4) Khirghiz are the mixture of Mangolide and Turkish tribes.

3. The use of caste in Indian politics is common. Which of the following is the main reason behind it ?

1) Indian society is caste based.

2) caste based organization and mobilization is common.
3) caste based voting.
4) caste and religion based political parties exist

4. Which of the following is/are correctly matched ?
i) Schengen agreement – prohibition of nuclear trade  with non-NPT countries.
ii) Pelindaba accord – abolition of border checks within EU.
1) i only
2) ii only
3) i and ii
4) neither i nor ii

5. Which of the following states had taken an initiative to introduce compulsory voting in election of local governing bodies ?

1) Rajasthan
2) Gujarat
3) Madhya Pradesh
4) Maharashtra

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