Question 1 :Which of the following is not true regarding a Gram Panchayt?
A: Its decision are taken by a majority vote
B: Its decision in petty criminal cases cannot be appealed in any court of law
C: It consists of all the adult citizen of the village 
D:  It is constituted in every village with a population over 500
Answer: D:  It is constituted in every village with a population over 500

Question 2 :5. In the Constitutions, setting up of village panchayat find mention under
A: Art 40
B: Art 50
C: Art 48 
D: None of the Articles
Answer: A: Art 40

Question 3 :Who will be responsible to make creche, shade and medicine available at work site?
A: Line Department 
B: Related Gram Panchayat
C: None of the above 

D: Both of the above
Answer: B: Related Gram Panchayat

Question 4 :When the training of mates to give information regarding their daily wages is to be completed?
A: 30 November 2010 
B: 31 December 2010
C: 31 January 2011 
D: 26 January 2011
Answer: B: 31 December 2010

Question 5 :When would an applicant get employment after submitting the application?
A: With in 15 days 
B: After 15 days
C: With in 30 days 
D: None of these
Answer: A: With in 15 days 

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