Question 1 :Which officer/official would report to development and programme officer that gram panchayat has not spent any amount without the recommendation of permanent committee?
A: Gram sevak 
B: Village employment assistant
C: Junior Engineer/Junior Technical assistant 
D: Accounts assistant
Answer: Option D

Question 2 :Mandal Panchayats were recommended by
A: Balwant Rai Mehta Committee 
B: Vengal Rao Committee
C: Ashok Mehta Committee 
D: Narasimhan Committee
Answer: Option C

Question 3:If an application gets employment beyond the radius of 5 Kms of the village, then how much of the extra amount he is likely to receive?
A: 10 percernt 
B: 15 percernt
C: 20 percent 
D: None of these

Answer: Option A

Question 4 :Who among the following is not a member of the Panchayat Samiti
A: Elected members of the State Legislative belonging to that area 
B: Members of the Union Parliament belonging to that area
C: Sarpanchas of all the Panchayats 
D: All the above
Answer: Option D

Question5 :The need for local government can be justified primarily on the grounds of
A: The principle of grass root democracy 
B: Promoting local leadership
C: Political expediency 
D: Administrative efficiency
Answer: Option A: The principle of grass root democracy 


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