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I. Four alternatives are given for each of the following questions / incomplete statements. Only one of them is correct or most appropriate. Choose the correct alternative and write the complete answer along with its letter in the space provided against each question. 10  1 = 10
1. The Government of India Act of 1935 is considered as an important document, because it
(A) introduced bicameral governments in provinces
(B) appointed Board of control
(C) formed separate electoral constituencies based on religion
(D) led to the creation of a federal structure in the country.
2. In Group-A list of social reformers and in Group-B their works are given. Identify the group that matches.
Group-A Group-B
(a) Rammohan Roy (i) Ghulamgiri
(b) Dayanand Saraswati (ii) Samvada Kaumudi
(c) Jyotiba Phule (iii) New India
(d) Annie Besant (iv) Satyartha Prakasha.
a b c d
(A) i iii ii iv
(B) ii iv i iii
(C) iii ii iv i
(D) iv i iii ii.
3. The programme implemented by Government of Karnataka for the development of rural women is
(A) Lok Ayukta (B) Stree Shakti
(C) Sakshara Bharat (D) Family planning programme.

4. December 10th of 1948 is an important day in the history of UNO, because on that day
(A) Human Rights were declared
(B) UNO was established
(C) Disarmament was achieved
(D) Racial discrimination was ended.
5. Article 24 of our constitution has a great significance, because it prohibits
(A) Employing children for work
(B) Untouchability
(C) Dowry
(D) Corruption.
6. The exact matching of the marked River Valley projects is
(A) 1 — Nagarjuna Sagar, 2 — Bhakra Nangal, 3 — Kosi
(B) 1 — Bhakra Nangal, 2 — Kosi, 3 — Nagarjuna Sagar
(C) 1 — Kosi, 2 — Nagarjuna Sagar, 3 — Bhakra Nangal
(D) 1 — Nagarjuna Sagar, 2 — Kosi, 3 — Bhakra Nangal.
7. Coastal erosion is more severe along the coast of the state
(A) Kerala (B) Tamil Nadu
(C) Orissa (D) West Bengal.

8. Father of Economic Planning in India is
(A) Dr. M.S. Swaminathan (B) Dr. Norman Borlaug
(C) Sir M. Vishveswaraiah (D) Rammohan Roy.
9. Green Revolution indicates
(A) the increase in the production of foodgrains
(B) the increase in the production of fish
(C) the increase in the production of milk
(D) the increase in the production of meat.
10. The Chairman of Wipro Technologies is
(A) Ekta Kapoor (B) Dhirubhai Ambani
(C) Naresh Goyal (D) Azim Premji.
II. Answer the following questions in a sentence each : 14  1 = 14
11. Indians had given much importance to folk history. Why ?
12. Why did Swami Vivekananda establish Ramakrishna Mission ?
13. Russians rose in rebellion in 1905 against the Tsars. Why ?
14. How does racial discrimination adversely affect world peace and peaceful co-existence ?
15. Who fought against the racial discrimination in Africa ?
16. Why was the Equal Wages Act passed ?
17. Why was the „Rehabilitation Welfare Fund of Child Labourers‟ launched ?
18. In North India, temperature will be high during summer season. Why ?
19. How can be fallow land utilized for agriculture ?

20. Indian farmers sow seeds in the month of June or July and get yields in October. Why ?
21. What is the cause for landslide in mining area ?
22. Who presents the Central Government budget in the Lok Sabha ?
23. Which bank is called as „Bankers‟ Bank‟ ?
24. Why were the District Industrial Centres established ?
III. Answer the following questions in two sentences each : 25 × 2 = 50
25. “Scientific developments led to sea voyages.” Justify this statement.
26. Which are the areas of „Hyderabad Karnataka‟ ?
27. How was Goa liberated from the Portuguese ?
How did India deal with the problem of refugees ?
28. „Nazi ideology destroyed Germany.‟ Justify.
29. Communalism is harmful to Nation‟s progress. How ?
30. IMF plays an important role in solving the economic problems of the world. Justify this statement.
31. What is self-help group ?
32. The peninsular plateau of India has a great economic significance. Justify.
33. How can we prevent soil erosion ?
34. Mention the differences between Evergreen forests and Desert forests.
35. Today, it is essential to reduce the use of conventional sources of
energy. Why ?

36. Mention the importance of communication.
37. Mention the measures for controlling migration of villagers towards cities.
38. Per capita income cannot be a true measure of development. Why ?
39. Globalisation has led to environmental degradation. How ?
40. Name few revolutionary leaders of India.
41. What were the problems faced by India along with its independence ?
42. Which were the Indian products exported to Europe ?
43. What were the main problems faced after Second World War ?
44. Mention the reasons for tension between India and Pakistan.
45. What are the effects of unemployment ?
46. What are the important mineral resources available in India ?
47. What are the types of communication ?
48. Mention the factors that enable man to live longer.
49. Mention any two kinds of accounts that can be opened in a bank.
IV. Answer the following questions in six sentences each : 6  3 = 18
50. Explain the political and economic causes for the revolt of 1857.
Mention the reforms brought about by the British in the field of Education.
51. Mention the factors that influenced the formation of our foreign policy.
Explain India‟s relationship with Russia.

52. Explain the constitutional and legal measures undertaken to eradicate untouchability.
Mention the measures for removal of unemployment.
53. Which are the major ports of India ?
What are the factors influencing the location of an industry ?
54. Explain briefly the significance of rural development.
Mention the aspects of non-tax revenue of the central government.
55. Mention the advantages of opening a bank account.
Explain the importance of life insurance.
V. Answer the following question in about eight sentences : 4
56. Give an account of the contributions of Dr. B. R. Ambedkar.
VI. 57. Draw an outline map of India and mark the following : 1 + 3 = 4
a) 82 2 1 o East longitude
b) River Narmada
c) Coromandel Coast.
Alternative Question for Blind Candidates only : (In lieu of Q. No. 57)
What are the uses of Himalayas on the life of the people of India ? 4

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