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Investment advisor Certification Exam Question Paper

Investment advisor Certification Exam Question Paper NISM Series XB: Investment Adviser (Level 2) Certification Examination  Chapter 1: 1. The proportion of a public issue of shares allocated to various categories of investors is decided by a. SEBI b. Issuer c. Stock exchange d. Registrar and Transfer agent 2. In a leveraged investment in an IPO, the profits to the investor depends upon a. Issue price & listing price b. Cost of borrowing and period of borrowing c. Shares allotted and listing premium d. Interest paid and issue price 3. A high turnover in a stock is an indicator of which of the following a. Higher price b. Higher liquidity c. Lower volatility d. Lower returns 4. Read the following caselet and answer the questions that follow: Mr. A is a conservative investor who is looking to invest in equity markets. He is evaluating shares of VKP Ltd. with a PE ratio of 22, PEG ratio of 0.98, dividend yield of 3.5. a. Which of the following may make VKP Ltd unsuitable for Mr. A as