Nursing Education Question Paper

Fourth Year B.Sc Nursing Degree Examinations
(Model Question Paper)
Nursing Education

Time: 3 hrs Max. Marks: 75
• Answer all questions
• Draw diagrams wherever necessary
Essays: (2x15=30)
1. Explain types of educational objectives. Discuss levels of cognitive domain of educational
objectives (6+9 =15)
2. Define evaluation. Explain the qualities of an evaluation tool. Discuss the techniques of
evaluation in nursing education (2+6+7=15)
Short notes (5x5=25)
3. Pragmatism
4. Maxims of teaching
5. Clinical rotation plan
6. Bedside clinics

7. Preventive discipline
Enumerate the following (5x2=10)
8. Four aims of education
9. Four principles of learning.
10. Four purposes of audiovisual aids
11. Four guidelines for preparation of multiple-choice questions
12. Four issues in nursing education
Differentiate between: (5x2=10)
13. Teaching and Learning
14. Seminar and Symposium
15. Unit plan and Lesson plan.
16. Guidance and Counseling
17. Check list and Rating scale