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Model Question Paper - 1
Time: 3 Hours 15 Minutes Max. Marks: 100

I Answer the following in a word, phrase or a sentence each. 12x1=12
1. When according to Juliet would Romeo make the face of heaven so fine?
2. Mention one of the taxes imposed by the king of Monaco.
3. Where according to the speaker of ‘On Children’ do the souls of children dwell?
4. Name the author of ‘Tapovan’ as mentioned in ‘Everything I Need to Know I
Learned in the Forest’.
5. In the play ‘A Sunny Morning’, ‘the silver maiden’ refers to
a) Petra. b) Dona Laura. c) the ballet dancer.
6. Mention any one of the aspects that the speaker loved in his beloved in ‘When
You Are Old’.
7. What became the main reason of Tammanna’s life in ‘The Gardener’?
8. Name one of the things that the child’s foot wants to be in Neruda’s poem.
9. Which is the most astounding invention of man according to Borges?
10. Who are the drivers in Brazil on the look–out for?
11. How long had Roof been a bicycle repairer’s apprentice?
12. What has been a chosen medium for rural women of Pudukkottai?
II Answer any eight of the following choosing at least two from the poems in a
paragraph of 80-100 words each. 8x4=32
13. How does Romeo glorify Juliet’s beauty?
14. What made the king of Monaco alter his decisions in dealing with the criminal?
15. How should parents raise their children according to the speaker of ‘On
16. What account does Don Gonzalo give Dona Laura about his cousin’s life after
the duel?
17. Give an account of the strategies used by Tammanna to destroy Basavaiah.
18. Why according to Borges will books never disappear?
19. How according to the speaker does one find heaven on earth in ‘Heaven, If you
are not on Earth’?
20. According to George Mikes, the people of Brazil are both leisurely and speedloving.
21. ‘Roof is a clever manipulator.’ Justify.
22. How does cycling empower rural women according to P. Sainath?
IIIAnswer the following in about 200 words. 1x6=6
23. Conservation of biodiversity sustains both nature and culture. Discuss in the
light of Vandana Shiva’s essay.
‘Man goes on living for some revenge.’ To what extent is this true in case of
Basavaiah and Tammanna in ‘The Gardener’?
How does the speaker of ‘Water’ trace the journey of water using it as a witness?
IV Read the following passage and answer the questions set on it. 10x1=10
The Western Ghats are also known as the Sahyadri Hills. They are well known
for their rich and unique assemblage of flora and fauna (plants and animals). Twenty
five biodiversity hot-spots are identified in the world and Western Ghats are one
among them.
The Western Ghats extend from the Satpura Range in the north. They go south
past Goa, through Karnataka and into Kerala and Tamil Nadu and end at
Kanyakumari. Then they embrace the Indian Ocean. The range is called Sahyadri in
northern Maharashtra and Sahya Parvatam in Kerala. The Biligiri ranges southeast
of Mysore in Karnataka, meet the Servarayan range and Tirumala range farther east,
linking the Western Ghats to the Eastern Ghats. In the south the range is known as
the Nilagiri malai in Tamil Nadu.
The northern portion of the narrow coastal plain between the Western Ghats and
the Arabian Sea is known as the Konkan Coast or Konkan. The central portion is
called Kanara and the southern portion is called Malabar region. The foothill region
east of the Ghats in Maharashtra is known as Desh. The eastern foothills of central
Karnataka state are known as Malnadu. The Biligirirangan Hills lie at the confluence
of the Western and Eastern Ghats. WAPCO region under Western Ghats covers
twelve administrative districts of Kerala State.
Four thousand species of flowering plants are known from the Western Ghats.
Western Ghats receive an average of 3000 mm rainfall per annum. The Western
Ghats are home to thousands of animal species including at least 325 globally
threatened species.
24. Answer the following in a word, a phrase or a sentence each.
a. What are the Western Ghats well known for?
b. How many biodiversity hotspots are identified in the world?
c. Name one of the states in which the Western Ghats lie.
d. Where do the Western Ghats end?
e. What does ‘Sahya Parvatam’ refer to in the passage?
f. Konkan Coast lies between the Western Ghats and
a. the Indian Ocean.
b. the Arabian Sea.
c. the Eastern Ghats.
g. Which part of Karnataka state is known as Malnadu?
h. In which state can one find WAPCO region?
i. There are many ................... (threatening/threatened) species in the world.
(Choose the right word to form a meaningful sentence.)
j. Use a prefix to form the antonym of the word ‘cover’.
25. Read the following lines and answer the questions. 3x1=3
Two roads diverged in a yellow wood
And sorry I could not travel both
And be one traveler, long I stood
And looked down one as far as I could
To where it bent in the undergrowth;
i. Where did the two roads diverge?
ii. The word ‘both’ in the second line refers to two
a. travelers. b. woods. c. roads.
iii. What did the traveler do when he came across the two diverged roads?
26. Complete the following by filling in the blanks using the right form of the
verb given in brackets. 3x1=3
The kingdom neither had a guillotine nor an executioner. Therefore a council
…………...... (call). It …....……….. (decide) to write a letter to the French
Government. The letter ……….. (send).
27. Report the following conversation. 5x1=5
Don Gonzalo : I am fond of good verses. I composed some in my youth.
Dona Laura : Were they good ones?
Don Gonzalo : Why do you ask me such a question?
Dona Laura : Don’t be angry.
28. Complete the following dialogue. 4x1=4
(Kumar meets Karan, a computer technician, to get his computer repaired.)
 Kumar : Good morning sir.
Karan : Good morning, please be seated. ...........................
(Seeking information )
 Kumar : My computer ............................................... ( Giving information)
 Karan : Right now we are too busy. Can you leave your PC with us for two
days ?
 Kumar : Sorry, I ........................................ ( Expressing disapproval)
Karan : I am afraid you will have to go to another technician.
Kumar : ......................................... (Ending conversation)
29. Fill in the blanks by choosing the appropriate expressions given in the
brackets: 2x1=2
 (turn their backs, be hanged to, straight out)
The ministers decided to tell the criminal ................. to run away. They did so.
But the criminal said that if he ran away people would ........................ on him.
30. Fill in the blanks with the right linker. 4x1=4
(but, and, at last, then)
The young man took refuge in Don Gonzalo’s house. He went to Seville, --------
then came to Madrid. He wrote letters to Laura --------- they were intercepted by
her parents. ------- in despair, he joined the army. ------------ he met a glorious
death in the war.
31. Read the following passage and fill in the boxes given below. 8x½=4
It is believed that the Indus Valley Civilization was the joint creation of the
Aryan and pre-Aryan inhabitants of India. This civilization was principally
associated with the cities of Mohenjo-Daro and Harappa which were first
discovered. The people of this civilization were multi-ethnic. In the skeletal
remains of this civilization is an evidence of the presence of Proto-Australoid,
Mediterranean, Alpine and Mongoloid racial elements who no doubt
contributed to its growth. The civilization was urban and a very remarkable one.
Indus Valley Civilization
Inhabitants that jointly created
1. 2.
Associated with cities
3. 4.
People were
Racial elements that contributed
6. 7. 8.
32. Write a letter of Application in response to the following advertisement which
appeared in ‘The Times of India’ dated 15th March 2015. 5
Qualification : Any Graduate with Knowledge of Computer
and Fluency in English and Hindi
Apply within 10 days to:
The Managing Director
Mangala Group of Companies
Nagadevanahalli, Ring Road
Bangalore - 31
33. Imagine that you are the president of the Students’ Council of your college and
you have to speak on spreading awareness about cleanliness. Using the points
given below, write a speech in about 100 words. 5
Need of cleanliness – individual responsibility – cleanliness at home and public
places – health benefits – beautification of nation
The following line graph provides information about the growth of population
in India over a period of 50 years. Using the information, write a report in about
120 words. Population in Millions
1961 1971 1981 1991 2001 2011
34. What do the underlined words in the following paragraph refer to? 4x1=4
The Western Ghats are well known for their rich and unique assemblage
of flora and fauna. Twenty five biodiversity hot-spots are identified in the world
and Western Ghats are one among them. The Ghats are home to thousands of
animal species of which at least 325 are globally threatened. They are also home
to many indigenous people who are on the verge of extinction.
their : .............
them : .............
which : .............
who : .............
35. Rewrite the jumbled segments to form a meaningful sentence. 1
be /water /used /should /judiciously



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