3 rd Year PAPER-I (GNM EXAM)
(Midwifery and Gynaecological Nursing)
Time – 3 Hrs Full marks – 75
Answer All Questions
Q.1 (3+5+7)
a. What is septic abortion?
b. What are the complications of septic abortion?
c. How will you manage a case of septic abortion?
a. What are the stages of labour? (4+5+6)
b. How will you manage a primigravida mother in 2 nd stage of labour.
c. What are the complications of mismanaged 2 nd stage labour?
Q.2 (3+6+6)
a. Define low birth baby.
b. What are the causes, signs and symptoms of pre term baby ?
c. How will you manage a pre term baby?
a. What is antenatal care? (3+6+6)

b. What are the objectives of anti natal care?
c. Describe the antenatal care that is given to a pri migravida, who has come to antenatal clinic.
Q.3 Write shorts on any 3. (3X5=15)
a. Threatened Abortion
b. Caesarean section
c. Contracted pelvis
d. Physiological jaundice
e. Transverse lie
Q.4 A. Mark ‘True’ or ‘False’ against each sentence (1X10=10)
a. High blood pressure in pregnancy is a sign of hyper emesis gravidarum.
b. The first foetal movement felt by mother is partogram .
c. The primary critical observation for AFG AR scoring is temperature.
d. Premature pushing should be avoided in transverse presentation .
e. The evident part of the brain measures 15 cm .
f. Oxytocin drip is given to prevent cord prolapse.
g. Enlargement of breast causes fever.
h. Due to rhesus incompatibility path ological jaundice occurs in new born .
i. The general epithelium lies over the ovary .
j. Sub mento vertical diameter is the highest point on vertex .
B. Fill in the blanks. (1X5=5)
a. Warning sign of rupture of uterus is __________.
b. Binovular twin develops from ________ovum.
c. The size of the uterus __________in intrauterine death.
d. Antenatal mother should be advised to take more __________.
e. Vaginal discharge from delivery to 5 days is called __________.
Q.5 A. As a nursing personnel what are your roles and responsibilities in the
following situations. (2X5=10)
a. A woman having weak, thready, pulse after abortion.
b. New born with hypothermia.
c. A woman with history of precipitate labour .
d. Rh -ve woman marrying a Rh +ve man.
e. HIV infected woman becoming pregnant .
B. Write the full form of abbreviations. (1X5=5)