English Language
Time : 3 Hrs. Max. M. 75 Min.M. 25
1. (A) Answer any five of the following: - 10
(i) What are the two qualities of mind presented in the poem?
(ii) What gods makes the Hindu Trinity?
(iii) Who is said to have conquered Ceylon first?
(iv) What did the Katha Upnishad speak about the body of man?
(v) How would you describe the Vedic hymns?
(vi) Who first wrote the story of Lord Ram?
(vii) How were the British able to establish their empire in India?
(viii) On which date did the Dandi Salt March commence?
(ix) Which are the two most important aspects of Indian constitution?
(x) Which country has the best system of education and health in the world?

(xi) By which article the lacuna regarding fundamental duties was removed from the Indian constitution?
(xii) What was the influence of the accursed diamond on the life of the Prince?
(xiii) What will happen if the trees are not taken care of?
(B) Give the meanings of the following words/phrases and use them  in your own sentences: 05
(i) Freedom
(ii) Deity
(iii) Indelible
(iv) In fact
(v) Here and there
2. Read the following passage carefully and answer the questions
given below:- 15
Gandhiji’s great aim in life was to help to improve the condition of
poor and suffering people in any way he could, but always without using
force. He was against every sort of evil, no matter of what kind. When he
tried to find out about the condition among poor farm workers, the people
crowded around him by the hunderds. A friend had come amoing them,
someone who wanted to help them, and to them this was new. When the
police ordered Gandhiji to leave the place, he refused and in the court the
explained why he could not obey. Then he asked the court to punish him for
breaking the law. The court did not know what verdict to give in such case
and so let him go free.

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