Question # 1 In a joint family, the average age of grand parents is 67 years, the average age of parents is 35 years are that of three grand children is 6 years. What is the average age of the family?
a)28 years
b)31 years
c)32 years
d)data inadequate

Question # 2. Two numbers are in the ratio 5 : 9. After adding 9 to each number , the ratio becomes 16 : 27. One number out of the two will be
a)99 b)77
c)88 d)66

Question # 3. I went 10 mtrs to East, then turned North and walked another 15 mtrs , then I turned West and covered 12 mtrs and then turned South and covered 15 mtrs. How far I from my house?
a) 2mtrs b) 3mtrs
c) 5 mtrs d) 1 mtrs
Question # 4. A train covers 430 km in 5 hours. The speed of a bike is half of the speed of the train. How much time will the bike take to cover a distance of 301 km?
a) 6hrs b) 7hrs
c) 8hrs d) 9hrs

Question # 5. The Indus or Harappan civilization is distinguished from the other contemporary
civilizations by its
a) town planning b) underground drainage system
c) Uniformity of weights and measures d) large agricultural surplus

Question # 6. The family of the Rig Vedic Aryans was
a)Patrilineal b) Patriarchal
c) Matriarchal d) Matrilineal

Question # 7. The second founder of the Maratha Kingdom was
a)Tarabai b) Peshwa Balaji Vishwanath
c) Peshwa Bajirao c)Shahu

Question # 8. With whom is the slogan ‘’ Do or Die ’’ associated ?
a)Subash Chandra Bose b) Lala Lajpat Rai
c) Bal Gangadar Tilak d) Mahatma Gandhi

Question # 9. The right Ganga tributaries of plain do not include
a)Alakananda b) Yamuna
c) Sone d) Tons

Question # 10. In an examination, 65% students passed in Civics and 60% in History, 40% passed in the both of these subjects. If 90 students failed in History and Civics both, then what is the total number of students?
a) 600 b) 650
c) 700 d) 750