The following are the MOH sample Question & Answers for Pharmacist

1. Which of the following will increase the half-life of theophylline?
a): Carbamazepine
b): Phenobarbital
c): Cimetidine
d): Smoking
Answer:c): Cimetidine

2. Which local anaesthetic is also given intravenously to treat
a): Tetracaine
b): Mepivacaine
c): Lignocaine
d): Bupivacaine
Answer: d): Bupivacaine

3. Which laxative acts by a detergent-like effect?
a): Psyllium
b): Docusate sodium
c): Phenolphthalein

d): Polycarbophil
Answer:b): Docusate sodium

4. Which of the following metals has no therapeutic use?
a): Lead
b): Platinum 
c): Gold
d): Lithium
Answer: a): Lead

5. Haloperidol is classified structurally as a;
a): butyrophenone
b): phenothiazine
c): benzodiazepine
d): diphenylbutylpiperidine
Answer:a): butyrophenone

6. How much salt is contained in a 0.5% w/v solution
a): 0.5 g in 1 mL
b): 0.5 g in 100 mL
c): 0.5 g in 1 Litre
d): 5g in 100 mL 
Answer:b): 0.5 g in 100 mL

7. Diphtheria, Tetanus and Pertussis vaccine (DPT) should be stored;
a): at room temperature
b): at -4 C
c): at 2 - 8 C
d): at -25 C
Answer:c): at 2 - 8 C

8. Pyrogens are;
a): derivatives of pyrogallol
b): used as preservatives in parenteral solutions
c): products of the growth of microorganisms
d): released by the immune system in response to bacterial infection
Answer: c): products of the growth of microorganisms

9. Beta-lactam antibiotics kill bacteria as a result of;
a): a detergent effect on the bacterial cell membrane
b): destruction of the bacterial cell nucleus
c): inhibition of bacterial protein synthesis
d): inhibition of bacterial cell wall synthesis
Answer: d): inhibition of bacterial cell wall synthesis

10. When a patient is prescribed Glyceryl trinitrate (nitroglycerin) tablets they must;
a): take them regularly e.g. 8 hourly
b): keep a couple of tablets in their pocket or purse for emergency use
c): swallow them whole with a glass of water
d): store them in a tightly closed glass bottle
Answer:d): store them in a tightly closed glass bottle