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148-Compulsory English
Time: 3 Hours Maximum Marks:150

(1) This Question Paper has 17questions. Candidates should attempt all the questions and parts.
(2) Answers must be written in English.
(3) Precis should be answered in the Precis space provided.
1. Fill in the blanks with the appropriate form of the word given in brackets : 5X1=5
a) The ________ of the group dance competition walked away with a handsome prize. (win)
b) Parents should stop ________ children for scoring low grades. (admonish)
c) The detective ________ solved the robbery case with the available evidence. (assiduous)
d) The climbers reached the peak, after ________ the blizzard successfully. (weather)
e) The ________ crops across the farmland paints a grim picture of the drought situation. (wither)
2. Fill in the blanks with the correct word from the pair of words given in brackets :5X1=5
a) Mythological plays have many ________ to the concept of good and evil.(allusions, illusions)
b) The sprinter was out of ________ after finishing the race. ( breath , breathe)
c) Travellers should be careful not to ________ their belongings at crowded places. (loose, lose)
d) The ________ of the seniors was handled well by the juniors, who ignored it. (taut, taunt)
e) The ________ was too narrow to walk comfortably. ( aisle, isle)
3. Complete the following idioms using the meanings next to them as clues: 5X1=5
a) To bury the ________ (forget / forgive)
b) To call a spade a ________ ( direct / blunt)
c) To let sleeping dogs ________ ( undisturbed)
d) To leave in a ________ ( abandon )
e) Nip in the ________ ( crush)
4. Match the movement of the body (part) with the appropriate emotion / attitude /Context
(a) To poke one's nose 1. Poverty
(b) Head over heels 2. Flatter
(c) Head and shoulders above 3. Intrude
(d) Oily tongue 4. Best of all
(e) Hand to mouth existence 5. Crazy
5. Fill in the blanks with the correct collective noun given in brackets: 5X1=5
(Crew, Choir, Host, Cloud, Fleet, Bunch)
a) _______________________ of cars
b) _______________________ of thieves
c) _______________________ of sailors
d) _______________________ of singers
e) _______________________ of sparrows
f) _______________________ of dust
6. Complete the proverbs by matching "A" with "B" : 5X1=5
(a) A chain is only as 1. the thief of time
(b) Discretion is the better 2. where angels fear to tread
(c) Fools rush in 3. strong as its weakest link
(d) Hell hath no fury 4. part of valour
(e) Procrastination is 5. like a woman scorned
7. Substitute the phrases with single words form the given below: 5X1=5
(Astute, Aesthetic, Ostentatious, Turmoil, Harbinger)
a) Pretentious, showy or vulgar display
b) Artistic or related to good taste
c) To signal the approach of an event
d) To possess shrewdness and discernment
e) State of commotion
8. Write the opposites using the appropriate prefixes given in brackets : 5X1=5
(Il-, Dis-, Mis-, lm-, In-)
a) Polite
b) Competent
c) Continue
d) Trust
e) Legible

9. Rewrite the following sentences as directed : 5X1=5
a) Saina Nehwal has inspired many youngsters to take up badminton as a sport.
(Frame a WH- question to get the underlined word as answer)
b) The batsmen should put up a stellar show for us to win the match.
( Rewrite the sentence beginning with "Unless")
c) Usain Bolt is the world's greatest sprinter.
(Add a suitable question tag)
d) The paleontologists have unearthed an 80 ft long skeleton of a Brachiosaurus recently.
(Rewrite the sentence in Passive voice)
e) Indias greatest attribute is its rich cultural tradition.
(Insert an apostrophe in the right place).
10. Match the occasion with the message : 5X1=5
a) Meeting friends / colleagues 1. Get well soon
b) When someone is facing a difficult situation 2. Have a great time
c) Bidding farewell to friends going on a holiday 3. Hey! What's up
d) On achieving honour / distinction 4. Take it easy
e) While visiting a sick person 5. Congrats! Keep it up
11. Correct the following sentences: 10X1=10
a) World leaders have demanded economic sanctions against rogue states indulge in terrorist
b) Car pooling or mass transportation reduce pollution to a great extent.
c) It is important to go for walks beside having a fat free diet.
d) Parents are too protective about there kids in today's world.
e) Unless our country is not militarily strong, our freedom will not be secure.
f) We should refrain to telling lies.
g) Why have you picked up a quarrel with them?
h) I have never told a lie nor deceived anybody.
i) The doctors has done a great job in treating millions of patients.
j) Tsunami is a series of waves caused by the misplacement of water in an ocean.
12. Supply the correct form of the verb given in brackets: 5X1=5
a) All the students are ____________ (go) to a movie after the exams.
b) The old couple____________ (board) the plane with great trepidation.
c) The scientists ____________ (be) busy exploring new ideas at present.
d) It has ____________ (rain) in the morning, and it may rain in the night too.
e) He ____________ (hang) the beautiful picture on the wall.
13. Fill in the blanks with the correct linkers listed below the paragraph: 5X1=5
A doctor working in a village, was very unhappy ____________ (1) many people would stop him in
the street and ask his advise. He was never paid for such services. ____________ (2) he could not earn
enough money. He made up his mind to put an end to this. One day he was stopped by a young man.
He said, "Doctor, I am so glad to see u. I've got a severe stomach pain." The doctor got angry
____________ (3) he pretended to be interested and said, "Close your eyes and stretch your tongue".
Then the doctor went away leaving the man alone in the street ____________ (4) his tongue hanging
out. People who passed by had a hearty laugh ____________ (5) understood the doctor's
intentions.(and, with , therefore , because, nevertheless,)
14. Match the type of communication (A) with the correct examples ( B): 5X1=5
a) Written 1. Cinema

b) Visual 2. Lecture
c) Verbal Communication 3. Emotions
d) Non- verbal 4. Signal Lights
e) Audio- Visual 5. Mail
15. Read the following passage and answer the questions set on it:
Ants talk - not with words but with tastes and smells ! Their vocabulary is made up of a
mixture of substances they produce in various parts of their bodies and emit via their glands. The
substances, known as pheromones , are signals that other ants can smell and taste. The messages they
communicate set off a specific kind of behaviour : fetching food for instance or looking after the brood
or feeding the queen. Ants use a hundred different scents to communicate a hundred different
messages. With such a sophisticated array of messenger fragrances, ants organize complicated tasks
with close-to perfect efficiency.
When you a see a handful of ants scurrying around in the kitchen, without any apparent
purpose, it does not mean they have lost their bearings. They are scouts foraging for food. Once they
have found something edible, they report back to the base, depositing their chemical spores on the
way. " Food located, please collect, " is the taste and smell message for the other members back at the
nest. Soon , long chains of worker ants begin scurrying back and forth from their nest ferrying food
which they hand over to ants who specialize in housekeeping. The duties of these ants include keeping
the nest in good order and cleaning and feeding the queen.
Jet ants settle in hollow trees where they build papery structures to live in. In these trees they
keep herds of greenflies which they actually milk in the same way we milk cows. It is a model
partnership. To satisfy their need for amino acids, the greenflies have to ingest large quantities of sap.
As a result, surplus sugar forms in their bodies which they excrete through their rear ends. This socalled
honey dew is the jet ants' main source of nourishment. In return, the ants see to it that the green
flies do not get stuck fast in their own honey and also protect their herds from marauding predators
like lady birds. In fact it is a form of dairy farming. Dairying is only one of the many ingenious ideas
ants have come up with in the course of evolution. Small red wood ants, for example, regulate the
temperature in their high rise ant hills by sunbathing on warm spring days and then scuttling back to
the nest double quick to give off the warmth they have soaked up.
An ant colony, is an almost perfectly organized network of ants complementing one another in all
they do. Ants will do anything as long as it is in the service of the common good. Perhaps socialism
does work after all under certain circumstances.
A. Answer the following in a word, a phrase or a sentence as required: 1X4=4
I. How do ants communicate?
II. Where do you find jet ants?
III. What is the main source of nourishments for jet ants?
IV. The substance emitted by ants to send messages is called___________
B. Answer the following Questions: 2X3=6
I. How do red wood ants regulate the temperatures in their ant hills?
II. What are the different kinds of messages that ants transmit?
III. How do the ants help the greenflies?
C. Give the meaning of the following words as used in the passage: 1X4=4
I. Scurry
II. Forage
III. Ingest
IV. Ingenious
D. Briefly describe how ants co-exist and work for their common good. 6X1=6
E. Match the words in column "A" with the meaning in column "B" 1X5=5
a) Array 1. Family
b) Apparent 2. Transport
c) Ferry 3. Assemblage
d) Brood 4. Secreting Organ
e) Glands 5. Evident
16. Write an essay in about 300 words on any one of the following topics: 25 Marks
a) Has English language created a divide in our society?
b) Should capital punishment be abolished or not?
c) Are smart phones killing the pleasures of reading in students?
d) Menace of terrorism.
17. Write a precis of the passage given below in about 80 to 85 words and suggest a suitable title.
25 Marks
There is an enemy beneath our feet - an enemy more deadly for his complete
impartiality. He recognizes no national boundaries or political parties. Everyone in the world is
threatened by him. The enemy is the earth itself. When an earthquake strikes, the world
trembles. The power of a quake is greater than anything man himself can produce. But today
scientists are directing a great deal of their effort into finding some way of combating
earthquakes. An earthquake strikes without any warning. When it does, its power is immense.
Gas mains burst, explosions are caused and fires erupt. Underground railways are wrecked.
Buildings collapse, bridges fall, dams burst, gaping crevices appear in busy streets. If the quake
strikes at sea, huge tidal waves sweep inland. If it strikes in mountain regions, avalanches roar
down into the valley. In 1968 an earthquake struck Alaska. It is likely that this was one of the
most powerful quakes ever to have hit the world. Geologists estimate that during the tremors,
the whole of the state moved over 80 feet farther west into the Pacific Ocean. Imagine the
power of something that can move an entire subcontinent! This is the problem that the
scientists face. They are dealing with forces so immense that man cannot hope to resist them.
All that can be done is to try to pinpoint just where the earthquake will strike and work from
there. At least some precautionary measures can then be taken to save lives and some of the
(252 Words)
Precis should not exceed 80 to 85 words.
Title – (05 Marks)
Precis – (20 Marks)


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