Rural Development and Panchayath Raj – Karnataka Grama Swaraj and Panchayath Raj Act 1993 and Rules with Amendments
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1. The percentage of people living in rural areas of Karnataka according to the 2011 census is
 (A) 60.4
 (B) 61.4
 (C) 62.4
 (D) 63.4
Answer: (B) 61.4

2. To be a member of the gram sabha, one has to attain the age of _____.
 (A) 15 years
 (B) 16 years
 (C) 17 years
 (D) 18 years  
Answer: (D) 18 years  

3. The amount of statutory grants as recommended by the third state finance ommission of Karnataka per gram panchayat is
(A) ` 5 lakhs per annum
(B) ` 8 lakhs per annum
(C) ` 7.5 lakhs per annum
(D) ` 10 lakhs per annum
Answer:(B) ` 8 lakhs per annum

4. A Taluk panchayat can be dissolved by /
(A) Deputy Commissioner
(B) Chief Executive Officer
(C) Zilla Panchayat
(D) State Government
Answer:(D) State Government

5. The authority to whom the election expenses are to be submitted by an elected member is :
 (A) State Election Commissioner
 (B) Deputy Commissioner
 (C) Returning Officer
 (D) Chief Executive Officer
Answer: (C) Returning Officer

6. Child labour refers to working children below the age of _____
 (A) 18 years
 (B) 15 years

 (C) 16 years
 (D) 14 years
Answer: (D) 14 years

7. The institution that provides additional nutrition support to women and children at the village level is / ಗ್ಹಾಭ
(A) Sub–centre
(B) Ration shop
(C) Anganwadi
(D) Balawadi
Answer:(C) Anganwadi

8. The concept of Gram Swaraj given by
(A) Y.V. Reddy
(B) Balwant Rai Mehta
(C) M.K. Gandhi 
(D) Jayaprakash Narain
Answer:(C) M.K. Gandhi 

9. The quorum for a habitation sabha meeting is fixed a
(A) 20 members
(B) 1/5 of voters
(C) 20 members or 1/5 of voters
(D) 20 members and 1/5 of voters
Answer:(C) 20 members or 1/5 of voters

10. The proportion of reservation to other backward classes in a taluka panchayat is /
 (A) 1/3
 (B) 1/4
 (C) 1/2
 (D) 2/3
Answer: (A) 1/3

11. Meeting of gram sabha should be convened atleast once in _____ months. /
 (A) three
 (B) six 
 (C) nine
 (D) twelve
Answer: (B) six 

12. Sanitation programme is implemented in a gram panchayat by
(A) Production Committee
(B) Social Justice Committee
(C) Development Committee
(D) Infrastructure Committee
Answer:(B) Social Justice Committee

13. Under which section of the Karnataka Gram Swaraj and Panchayat Raj Act, 1993, the provision for revision of taxes and rates by Gram Panchayats is made

(A) 199 – A Schedule I
(B) 199 – A Schedule II
(C) 199 – A Schedule IV
(D) 199 – A Schedule V
Answer:(C) 199 – A Schedule IV

14. Under which section of Karnataka Gram Swaraj and Panchayat Raj Act, 1993, Gram Panchayat is empowered to write off irrecoverable amounts
 (A) 255
 (B) 275
 (C) 265
 (D) 245
Answer: (D) 245

15. The total number of districts covered under MGNREGA in India as on October 2016 was
 (A) 650
 (B) 661
 (C) 665
 (D) 655
Answer: (B) 661

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