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The Questions (Objective Type) with Answers of Examination conducted by KSRTC for Recruitment of Grade II Officers is published. Total No. of Questions 100, Answers Available at the bottom 1. Ockhi refer to ----- a. Computer virus b. Satellite c. Cyclone d. International Forum 2. ------ is the total number of Districts in Karnataka a. 30 b. 18 c. 27 d. 20 3. Article 371J aims at a. Forming a new state b. Providing autonomy c. Providing special provisions to backward areas d. Providing schemes for small farmers 4. Vidyasiri scheme is meant for a. Economically backward students of all category b. Students belonging to Backward class c. Students belonging to Backward community d. Female students to pursue higher education 5. Constitution Day is celebrated on a. January 26th b. January 30th c. November 26th d. November 30th 6. The renaming of Mysore State in to Karnataka was during the chief ministership of a. S.R. Kanti b. S.R. Bommai c. VeerendraPatil d.

Mechanical Engineers Recruitment Exam Question Paper

Q1. The buckling load for a column pinned at both ends is 10 kN. If the ends are fixed, the buckling load changes to (1) 40 kN (2) 2·5 kN (3) 5 kN (4) 20 kN Q2. A 30 mm hole/shaft assembly results in minimum and maximum clearance of 0·03 mm and 0·3 mm respectively. The hole has a unilateral tolerance with zero fundamental deviation. If the tolerance of the shaft is 0·08 mm, the maximum size of the hole is (1) 30·11 mm (2) 30·16 mm (3) 30·19 mm (4) 30·27 mm Q3. Consider the following drives : A. V-belt B. Flat belt C. Toothed belt D. Round belt Which of the above is/are positive drive(s) ? Select the code for the correct answer from the options given below : (1) A and B only (2) B only (3) C only (4) C and D only Q4. Bolts in the flanged end of a pressure vessel are usually pre-tensioned. Indicate which of the following statements is not true : (1) Pre-tensioning helps to seal the pressure vessel. (2) Pre-tensioning reduces the maximum tensile stress in