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Post Basic nursing Child Health Nursing 1st year question papers

FIRST YEAR POST BASIC B Sc NURSING EXAMINATION QUESTION PAPER PAPER-VII, CHILD HEALTH NURSING 1st Year Post Basic B.Sc Nursing Model Question paper of Child Health Nursing published @ by Time: 3hours Max Marks: 75 Answer all questions Define the following: (l x4=4marks)  1. Temper tantrum 2. Hydrops fetalis 3. Status Epilepticus  4. Kernicterus Differentiate between: 5. Epispadias - Hypospadias  6. SGA baby - LGA Baby  7. Parallel play - Onlooker play  8. Nephrotic syndrome - Glomerulonephritis (2 x4=8marks) Give reasons: (2x4=8marks)  9. The child with TOF assumes squatting position  10. Physiological jaundice is common in newborns 11. Accidents are more common among toddlers  12. Surgery for cleft palate is often performed between ages of 1-2 years in children Write short notes on (7x5=35 marks) 13. Cold chain system  14. IMNCI 15. Tuberculosis 16. Psychosocial Development  17. Hydrocephalus