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Statistical Assistant Recruitment Exam Solved Question Paper

Question1:-Which of the following is used for International monetary transfer ?  A:-SWIFT  B:-NEFT  C:-RTGS  D:-None of the above  Correct Answer:- Option-A Question2:-Among the following countries who initiated the scientific agriculture in Kerala ?  A:-Portuguese  B:-British  C:-French  D:-Dutch  Correct Answer:- Option-D Question3:-Who developed the 4Ps of marketing ?  A:-Peter F Drucker  B:-Hanson  C:-McCarthy  D:-Abraham Maslow  Correct Answer:- Option-C Question4:-When was Malayali Memorial submitted to the king ?  A:-1890  B:-1896  C:-1891  D:-1892  Correct Answer:- Option-C Question5:-'Samatva Samajam' probably the first social organization of Kerala was initiated by  A:-Vagbhadananda  B:-Vaikunda Swami  C:-Chattambi Swami  D:-Sree Narayana Guru  Correct Answer:- Option-B Question6:-Using two independent samples, two population means are compared to determine if a difference exists.The number in the sample is fifteen and the number