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KSOU MA Political Science Question Papers

KSOU MA Political Science Latest Question Paper MA Question Papers of KSOU uploaded by . Click on the below subjects to download the question papers for pdf download free of cost MBA Question Papers for free download • 2nd Year : M A POLITICAL SCIENCE -Questions papers [NON-CBCS] October - 2022 . click here • 2ND semester MA POLITICAL SCIENCE Questions paper may /june -2023 . click here • M.A. POLITICAL SCIENCE - MASTER’S PREPARATORY PROGRAMME EXAMINATION, MAY - 2022 . click here More MA Question Papers

KEA Nursing Officer Recruitment Exam Questions PART 3

KEA Nursing Officer Recruitment Exam Questions PART 3 41. Which of the following anti tubercular medication has the side effect of peripheral neuritis? (A) Pyrazinamide (B) Isoniazid (C) Rifampicin (D) Ethambutol 42. CPR & defibrillation should be initiated in a kind of arrhythmia - (A) Atrioventricular block (B) Premature Ventricular contraction (C) Atrial fibrillation (D) Ventricular fibrillation 43. Severe dyspnea, orthopnea, pallor, tachycardia and  frothy blood tinged sputum is seen in - (A) Left heart failure (B) Right heart failure (C) Pulmonary edema (D) Congestive heart failure 44. An early manifestation of laryngeal cancer is - (A) Stomatitis (B) Hoarseness (C) Dysphagia (D) Airway obstruction 45. Paradoxical respiration is most commonly seen in - (A) Flail chest (B) Obstructive airway disease (C) Cardiac tamponade (D) Congestive heart failure 46. An early indication for development of hypocalcimia is - (A) Memory changes (B) Tingling sensation in the fingers (C) Ventric

PDO Exam Questions 2023

PDO Exam Questions 2023 The model questions for preparing upcoming PDO Recruitment Examination published on 04/11/2023 PDO Exam Questions No.1. The duration before which elections for the new gram panchayat should be held after the constitution of an interim gram panchayat is : /  (A) three months  (B) four months  (C) five months  (D) six months PDO Exam Questions No.2. The plan prepared for achieving overall development of the panchayat within a specified time period is called  (A) Five Year Plan  (B) Perspective Plan  (C) Vision Document  (D) Village Plan PDO Exam Questions No.3. Under which Article of the Constitution of India, State Finance Commission may be constituted ?   (A) 143 H   (B) 144 H  (C) 142 H   (D) 141 H PDO Exam Questions No.4. Accounts and Budget of Gram Panchayats are presented by  (A) Adhyaksha  (B) Panchayat Development Officer  (C) Upadhyaksha  (D) Chairman, Production Committee PDO Exam Questions No.5. Which of the following is considered as a vulnerable sect

2nd standard EVS Question paper

2nd standerd EVS Environmental studies question paper Download 2nd standard EVS Question paper for Free in Josh format