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Interior design questions and answers

 Interior design questions and answers  The 4th Part of Interior design  Multiple choice questions and answers published here remaining question published earlier at /   Question71:-_______ schemes use colours that are next to each other on the colour wheel.         A:-Analogous colour         B:-Complimentary         C:-neutral         D:-Opposite         Correct Answer:- Option-A Question72:-Name of the depression or recess made inside the door frame to receive the door shutter.         A:-Mullion         B:-Rebate         C:-Jamb         D:-Style         Correct Answer:- Option-B Question73:-These types of the doors permits the free ventilation through them and same time maintain privacy.         A:-Louvered doors         B:-Revolving         C:-Single shutter         D:-Collapsible         Correct Answer:- Option-A Question No. 74:-These doors are provided mainly for workshops and godowns.         A:-Single shutter         B:-Double shutter         C:

Interior Decoration and Designing Question Paper

Interior Decoration and Designing Exam Question Paper First 35 Questions with answers Published Earlier Question No. 36:-Which of the following cannot be used as a tool for qualitative alteration of a space ?         A:-Light         B:-False ceiling         C:-Colour         D:-Texture         Correct Answer:- Option-B Question37:-Which of the following is not a character of space ?         A:-length         B:-Width         C:-Height         D:-Direction         Correct Answer:- Option-D Question38:-Which of the following are Analogous colours ?         A:-Colours opposite to one colour         B:-Colours sit side by side         C:-Colours that are combined by one hue plus the hues on each side of its complement         D:-Colours with the tints and shades of a colour         Correct Answer:- Option-B Question39:-Which of the following are secondary colours ?         A:-Red, Orange, Yellow         B:-Orange, Violet, Green         C:-Black, Grey, White         D:-Cyan, Yellow, Magen