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1st Semester M.Sc in Psychology Question Paper

I st Semester M.Sc in Psychology Examination - 2020 Question paper karnataka State open University Course 3 : Cognitive Processes   Time : 3 H ours   Max. Marks : 80 Instruction s: Answer all the parts.  Part – A    Answer any four of the following: ( 5X4 = 20 )   1. What is naturalistic observation? Explain   . 2. What is Gestalt? Explain .   3. Explain sleep and dreaming .   4. What is learning disability? Explain .   5. What is pattern recognition? Explain .   6. Write the meaning and definition of creativity .   Part – B Answer any t hree questions from the following (10X3=30)   7. Discuss the Functionalism .   8. Discuss Attent io n – deficit hyperactivity disorder .   9. Explain concept of face recognition .   10. Explain types of creativity .   11. What is concept formation? Explain . Part – C Answer any three questions from the following (15X2=30)   12. Discuss the different types of cognitive neuro - psy chol ogical methods 13. Describe attention assessment and problems of

2nd B.Sc Question Papers

2nd Year B.Sc Question Papers from 2010- 2020 The B.Sc II Year Question papers are uploaded here from 2010 to 2020,  Botany, Chemistry, Mathematics, Physics, Zoology B.Sc Main Subjects and kannada, English, hindi, Urdu and Sanskrit Language question papers are available from 2010 to 2020. The Mandatory Paper - Indian Constitution - for II Year B.Sc Question Paper which is common for BA-BSc-BCom-BBM is also published 1 download BSc II Year - Botany Paper-II_2016 2 download BSc II Year - Chemistry Paper-II_2016 3 download Chemistry  Question Paper