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IAS Main Exam Question Papers

Civil Services (Main) Examination, 2017  Question Papers The Question Papers of Civil Services (Main) Examination conducted in the year 2018 is published here by . Click on the following links to download question papers in pdf. format. General Studies   General Studies Paper - I   General Studies Paper - II   General Studies Paper - III   General Studies Paper - IV Compulsory Subjects   Essay   English   Assamese   Bengali   Bodo   Gujarati   Hindi   Kannada   Maithili   Malayalam   Marathi   Nepali   Oriya   Punjabi   Sindhi (Devanagari)   Sanskrit   Tamil   Telugu   Urdu Optional Subjects   Agriculture Paper - I   Agriculture Paper - II   Animal Hus. & Vet. Sc. Paper - I   Animal Hus. & Vet. Sc. Paper - II   Anthropology Paper - I   Anthropology Paper - II   Botany Paper - I   Botany Paper - II   Chemistry Paper - I   Chemistry Pa