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KARNATAKA PUBLIC SERVICE COMMISSION GAZETTED PROBATIONERS (PRELIMS) 2017 PAPER I AND PAPER II QUESTION PAPERS FOR DOWNLOAD IN PDF FORMAT CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD KAS PAPER I QUESTION PAPER CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD KAS PAPER I QUESTION PAPER 1. Match the Name of the Shifting Cultivation (List I) with the Country (List II) : List I (Name of Shifting Cultivation) List II (Country) A. Huma/Ladang I. Brazil B. Milpa II. Vietnam C. Ray III. Central America D. Roca IV. Indonesia Select the code for the correct answer from the options given below : A B C D (1) IV III II I (2) IV III I II (3) III IV II I (4) III IV I II 2. Consider the following statements about Morley-Minto reforms. A. It is also known as Indian Councils Act, 1909. B. It effectively legitimised the election of Indians to the various legislative councils in India for the first time. C. The British conceded the so-called demand of Muslim leaders for separate electorates in this act. Which of th


ANNAMALAI UNIVERSITY M.SC APPLIED PSYCHOLOGY PSYCHOTHERAPEUTICS QUESTION PAPER SECTION-A  Answer any FIVE questions (5 8 = 40) 1. Enumerate the importance of theories in Psychotherapy. 2. Describe the nature of therapeutic relationship in Freudian therapy. 3. Outline the strategies and techniques employed in personal construct therapy. 4. Explain the goals of existential therapy and their strategies. 5. Enumerate the assumptions of TA. 6. Examine the operant conditioning procedures of behaviouristic approach. 7. Analyse the significance of REBT in the modern worlds. 8. Write about supervised clinical practices. SECTION-B  Answer any THREE questions (3 20 = 60) 9. Elaborate the theoretical assumptions of Kleinian approach with the techniques used in the approach. 10. Describe the nature therapists, therapeutic relationship and strategies employed in Adlerian therapy. 11. Elaborate the strategies and techniques utilized in Gestalt therapy. 12. Examine the nature,


ANNAMALAI UNIVERSITY M.SC APPLIED PSYCHOLOGY QUESTION PAPERS M.Sc. DEGREE EXAMINATION, May 2015 (APPLIED PSYCHOLOGY) (FIRST YEAR) 510: ADVANCED GENERAL PSYCHOLOGY SECTION-A  Answer any FIVE questions (5 8 = 40) 1. Explain developmental method. 2. State the functions of neurotransmitters 3. Briefly explain the organizing principles of perception. 4. Describe the concept of learned helplessness. 5. State the characteristics of long term memory. 6. Explain decay hypothesis. 7. Explain the causes of stress. 8. Enumerate the features of triarchic theory of intelligence. SECTION-B  Answer any THREE questions (3 20 = 60) 9. Examine the salient features of the methods of Psychology. 10. Explain the process in meditation. 11. Discuss the principles of operant conditioning. 12. Describe the methods of improving memory. 13. Evaluate the methods of measuring personality.