Primary Health Care Question Paper
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3 long Questions of 15 Marks each (3X15) -45
Short Note Variety (15 Marks)
Objective Type Questions (Fill in Blanks / True & False/Abbreviations) -15Marks
Q.1. a) What is the concept of occurance of disease ? (5+5+5)
b) What is illness?
c) Desccribe the classification of disease?
a) What do you mean by Incubation Period ?
b) Write the clarification of Micro Orgnism ?
c) Write the factors affecting the growth & destruction of organism?
Q2. a) Define bed sore? (5+4+6)
b) What are the causes of bed sore ?

c) As HW(F) how will you manage a patient suffering from Paralysis ?
a) What is isolation ?
b) What is its purpose ?
c) Whar are the infectious diseases whe re isolation is recommended ?
Q 3. a) What an epidemic ? (5+6+4)
b) What are the cause of epidemics ?
c) As a HW(F) what is your role is in a measles epidemic?
a) What is sterilisation ?
b) List the different methods of sterilisation
c) Describe the Physical methods of sterilisation.
Q.4. Write short notes on Any five (5X3)
i) Fracture
ii) Golden rules of first Aid
iii) Emergency drugs
iv) Antirabies Vaccine
v) Drug list in subcentre
vi) Skin Care & Foot Care in diabetes
Q.5. Write True/False of the following (1X10)
a) All cases of cough & blood in sputum should go for a sputum examination.
b) Fever with chill and rigor should not have their blood slide tested for malaria Parasite.
c) In Hepatitis B, yellow discolouration of sclera is seen.
d) Scabies is not contagious.
e) Poliomyelitis is also called infantile paralysis.
f) Vaccine against measles, mumps and rubella is given intramuscularly.
g) Encephalitis is the inflammation of meninges.
h) MDT is given in leprosy.
i) DOTS is given in leprosy.
j) Intradermal is the route when the drug is given beneath the skin.
B) fill in the blanks. (1X5)
a) One pint=_______ ounce.
b) In a stroke patient to prevent bedsore he should be turned every ______hour.
c) _______is loss of appetite.
d) pain in chest , with sweating and radiation of pain to left arm sug -gests the diagnosis of_______.
e) Fever, cough loss of weight , blood in sputum are the symptons of --
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