Child Health Nursing Question Paper
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3 long Questions of 15 Marks each (3X15) -45
Short Note Variety (15 Marks)
Objective Type Questions (Fill in Blanks / True & False/Abbreviations) -15Marks
Q.1. a) What do you mean by growth & development ? (5+5+5)
b) What iare the factors affecting the growth & development?
c) Write down the methods used for monitoring growth of a six month old baby?
a) What is IMNCI ?
b) Write the principles and explain it?
c) As HW(F) how will you manage a sick child according to IMNCI strat -egy.
Q2. a) What is Baby friendly Hospital initiative? (5+4+6)
b) What are the advantages of breast feeding ?
c) How will you educate the mothers in the community for nutrition of a one year old child ?
a) What is Mumps ?

b) What are the signs and sympton s of mumps ?
c) As a HW(F) how will you educate the mother and other family mem -bers regarding prevention of illness in other siblings.?
Q 3. a) What are the common Skin infections that occur in children ? (5+6+4) b) What are the worm infections in children and describe the Signs and symptoms of this Children?
c) What treatment are you going to give to a child with worm infesta -tion and
how will you educate the community in taking preventive measures.?
a) What is Diarrhoea ?
b) What are the signs and symptoms of a child with moderate dehydra -tion?
c) How will you educate the mother of a one and half year child regard -ing diarrhoea prevention and treatment?.
Q.4. Write short notes on Any five (5X3)
i) Female Foeticide
ii) School Health Programme
iii) Exclusive breast feeding
iv) Sex education in adolescents
v) Health problems in school children
vi) Child Abuse
Q.5. Write True/False of the following (1X10)
a) Complementary feeding is feeding baby with breast milk upto 6 months of age.
b) In school health programme the nutritional deficiencies of children is not identified.
c) emotional and behavioural changes occurs in adolescents.
d) In diarrhoea you give immediately antiboitics.
e) Road to Health can identify malnutrition in children,
f) Training for bowel and urination should start at 1 year of age.
g) tonsillitis is infection of tongue
h) Cows milk has extra fat content.
i) A girl doesnot need premarital counselling when starting for family life.
j) Fever occurs in measles, malaria and typhoid.
B) fill in the blanks. (1X5)
a) -------- therapy helps development of children.
b) In a infant the infection of ear commonly occurs in ------.
c) _______content is more in cows milk.
d) DPT vaccine is given ------in anterolateral aspect of thigh.
e) -------------vaccine is given at birth for prevention of T.B.

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