(FIRE AND SAFETY) (PAPER-III) CONSTRUCTION SAFETY

(Time: 3 Hours) Maximum: 100 Marks                                           
 SECTION-A                     (3×20=60)
Answer any THREE questions
All questions carry equal marks
1. Discuss the types of scaffolds and ladders and the safety requirements in handling scaffolds and ladders.

2. Explain in detail the rigging operations and the safety measures to be followed in rigging.

3. Discuss in detail the safety aspects in heavy machinery/equipment movement.

4. Write about tagging operations. Also discuss the safety measures to be followed in hazardous areas.

5. Write in detail about common shop floor injuries and the first aid and preventive measures with examples.

                                           SECTION-B                     (4×10=40)
Answer any FOUR  questions
All questions carry equal marks
6. Write the safety aspects of working at heights.

7. Discuss about the precautionary measures in handling high pressure compressed air and pneumatic tools.

8. Discuss in detail about risk factors and the control measures in solvent handling.

9. Write about the need for warning signs. Also, discuss hot works and the risks associated with it.

10. Discuss about the salient features of defects and inspection norms.

11. List about maintenance and upkeep of tools and ladders.

12. Explain in detail the commonly applied first aid measures in construction activities.