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1. CAD stands for

a. Computer aided design

b. Computer algorithm for design

c. Computer add design

d. Computerised add delivery

Answer: a. Computer aided design

2. RATS stand for

a. Regression Analysis Time Series

b. Regression Analysis Time Sharing

c. Ram Access Terminal System

d. Random Access Terminal Sharing

Answer: a. Regression Analysis Time Series

3. In which year was chip used inside the computer for the first time?

a. 1965

b. 1975

c. 1949

d. 1944

Answer: b. 1975

4. What was the name of the first commercially available microprocessor chip?

a. Intel 3081

b. Intel 433

c. Intel 4004

d. Motorola 639

Answer:  c. Intel 4004

5. When were the first minicomputer built?

a. 1965

b. 1962

c. 1976

d. 1969

Answer: a. 1965

6. The first digital computer built with IC chips was known as

e. IBM 7090


g. IBM System / 360

h. VAX-10

Answer: g. IBM System / 360

7. In which language is source program written?

a. English

b. Computer Language

c. High level

d. Temporary

Answer: c. High level

8. Which of the following terms is the most closely related to main memory?

a. Non volatile

b. Permanent

c. Processing Unit

d. Temporary

Answer: c. High level

9. Which of the following is used for manufacturing chips?

a. Control bus

b. Control unit

c. Processor

d. Semiconductor

Answer: d. Semiconductor

10. Which of the following is required when more than one person uses a central computer at the same time?

a. Terminal

b. Desktop and Key Board

c. Internet

d. Mouse

Answer: a. Terminal


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