Question #1. Which theorist suggests that there are multiple intelligences?
A) Gardner
B) Rogers
C) Vygotsky
D) Maslow

Question # 2. Sigmund Freud
A) studied the behavior of monkeys.
B) developed the stage theory of cognitive development.
C) suggested stages of psychosexual development.
D) believed that individual life experience shaped development.

Question # 3.Which theorist maintained that the creation of a community of learners occurred when the teacher embodied a set of qualities; realness, trust or acceptance of others, empathy, and being fully present.
A) Maslow
B) Piaget
C) Rogers
D) Vygotsky

Question # 4.  Which of the following statements is most true for behavioral theory?
A) Children grow and develop based on their biological makeup.
B) Behavioral theory describes developmental norms.
C) The environment fills in what we are to become.
D) The child plays an active role in his/her development.

Question # 5. Who is responsible for developing a set of principles called operant conditioning?
A) Pavlov
B) Piaget
C) Skinner
D) Freud

Question # 6. Erikson's first stage of psychosocial development is
A) initiative verses guilt.
B) autonomy verses shame and doubt.
C) trust verses mistrust.
D) industry verses inferiority.

Question # 7. Erik Erikson purposed that there were __________ major stages of psychosocial development.
A) four
B) five
C) seven
D) eight

Question # 8. Nancy, a teacher, uses a bell to signal clean up time, so when the bell rings, the children begin to clean up. This is an example of
A) learning through association.
B) classical conditioning.
C) a form of manipulation.
D) both A and B

Question # 9. This theorist was most interested in the nature of knowledge and its construction.
A) Erikson
B) Piaget
C) Vygotsky
D) Maslow

Question # 10. Albert Bandura is known for
A) social learning theory.
B) emotional development theory.
C) cognitive theory.
D) none of these