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1. The cube of (–2/3) is
(A) 8/27 (B) 8/9 (C) – 8/27 (D) None of these
2. The speed of 90 kilometres per hour is equal to
(A) 0.25 metres per second (B) 2.5 metres per second
(C) 25 metres per second (D) None of these
3. If the circumference of a circle is 44 cms. its area will be (using π = 22/7)
(A) 98 π square cms. (B) 49 π square cms.
(C) 7 π square cms. (D) None of these
4. 16 × 0.002 =
(A) 32 (B) 3.20 (C) 0.32 (D) None of these
5. Among 3/5, 5/7 and 13/15, which is the largest in numerical value ?
(A) 3/5 (B) 5/7
(C) 13/15 (D) None of these as all are equal
6. The total surface area of a cubical box with each side being 7 cms. is
(A) 294 sq. cms. (B) 343 sq. cms. (C) 392 sq. cms. (D) None of these
7. {3.000 + 1.021 – 0.933} equals
(A) 3.808 (B) 3.088 (C) 3.888 (D) None of these
8. Sandalwood powder contains heartwood and whitewood in the ratio 3:8. In 440 kgs. of
Sandalwood powder, the weight of heartwood will be
(A) 120 kgs. (B) 320 kgs. (C) 48.4 kgs. (D) None of these
9. The price of rosewood timber is 12% more than that of teak. If price of teak is Rs. 1,300
per cubic feet, the price of rosewood is
(A) Rs. 1,312 per cubic feet (B) Rs. 1,456 per cubic feet
(C) Rs. 1,412 per cubic feet (D) None of these
10. I invested Rs. 8,000 in a bank for a period of 3 years at simple interest of 8% per year.

The maturity value of my investment is Rupees
(A) 8,640 (B) 9,280 (C) 9,920 (D) None of these
11. Banvasi was the capital of which dynasty in the past ?
(A) Chalukya (B) Kadamba (C) Rashtrakuta (D) None of these
12. The coin of which denomination was withdrawn from circulation in later part of 2011 ?
(A) Five paise (B) Twenty paise
(C) Twenty five paise (D) None of these
13. Of which village in Kollegal the forest brigand Veerappan was a native of ?
(A) Parsegowdenpalaya (B) Alambadi
(C) Gopinatham (D) None of these
14. In which district of Karnataka election was held for one seat Legislative Assembly in
September 2011?
(A) Koppal (B) Koppa (C) Kollegal (D) None of these
15. Amongst Uttar Kannada, Chikkamagalur and Mysore districts, which district is North
most ?
(A) Uttar Kannada (B) Chikkamagalur
(C) Mysore (D) None of these as all are equally north
16. Which district was created in Karnataka most recently ?
(A) Yadgir (B) Ramanagaram
(C) Chamarajanagar (D) None of these
17. Which of the following is not sold through fair price shops by Karnataka Government ?
(A) Kerosene (B) Sugar (C) Ragi (D) None of these
18. How many taluks of Uttar Kannada district have the sea as one of its boundaries ?
(A) Five (B) Six (C) Seven (D) None of these
19. Which is the smallest taluk of Chamarajanagar ?
(A) Chamarajanagar (B) Yellandur
(C) Gundulpet (D) None of these
20. By which name was Chikkamagalur district known in recent past upto 1947 ?
(A) Kadur (B) Birur
(C) Sakrepattna (D) None of these
21. The name of the district of Mysore is taken from being the abode of
(A) God Mahesh (B) Demon Maarich
(C) Demon Mahishasura (D) None of these

22. In cotton, its flowers change colors. The colors the flowers have are nearly
(A) Light yellow and red (B) Red and blue
(C) Blue and pink (D) None of these
23. Baba Budengiri hills are located in which district ?
(A) Shimoga (B) Chikkamagalur
(C) Hassan (D) None of these
24. Which of the following tribe is least commonly found in Mysore district ?
(A) Gawli (B) Kadu Kuruba
(C) Jenu Kuruba (D) None of these
25. Black cotton soil in areas of very heavy rainfall (like Mangalore) does not favor
cultivation of which crop in Karnataka ?
(A) Paddy (B) Cotton (C) Jowar (D) None of these
26. Forest watcher received his salary in Rs. 100 notes from serial number B 121454 to
B 121498. How many notes of Rs. 100 did he receive ?
(A) 44 (B) 45 (C) 43 (D) None of these
27. What is the correct description of an elephant referred to as “Makana” in Karnataka ?
(A) A female elephant with tusks
(B) A male elephant without tusks
(C) An elephant that is neither fully male nor female
(D) None of these
28. In old trees (say aged about 80 years of age), in case of which of the following species
will bark thickness be least ?
(A) Eucalyptus (Nilgiri in Kannada) (B) Matthi
(C) Tamarind (Hunse in Kannada) (D) None of these
29. Karnataka is not native to which of the following animals ?
(A) Wolf (B) Sambhar (C) Lion (D) None of these
30. In cutting which of the following, there is almost no chance that a white sticky liquid
may be seen coming out of the cut ?
(A) Cutting the bark of a Gooseberry (Nelli) tree
(B) Cutting open the fruit of Jackfruit (Halsina hannu)
(C) Cutting the main trunk of a Banyan (Ala) tree
(D) None of these
31. The milestones (actually kilometer stones now a days) on National highways have their
painted with which color ?
(A) Brown (B) Yellow (C) Green (D) None of these
32. The flowers of the forest tree Butea monosperma (Mutthuga in Kannada) are of which
color ?
(A) Fire red (B) Sky blue (C) Milky white (D) None of these
33. Which of the following species of trees flowers and fruits twice an year ?
(A) Rosewood (B) Sandalwood (C) Mango (D) None of these
34. Which of the following is not a dance form of Karnataka ?
(A) Yakshagana (B) Mohiniyattam (C) Dollu kunitha (D) None of these
35. Onake Obavva, the woman from Chitradurga who single handedly fought against the
forces of Hyder Ali in the 18th century, fought them using a
(A) Spear (B) Sword (C) Bow and arrow (D) None of these
36. Besides Mahatma Gandhi, which well known Indian leader was born on the 2nd of October ?
(A) Shri Rajiv Gandhi (B) Smt. Indira Gandhi
(C) Shri Lal Bahudur Shastri (D) None of these
37. Which bird does not make its own nest but lays eggs in the nests built by other host birds ?
(A) The Koel (B) The Crow (C) The Myna (D) None of these
38. The nest of a Parrot (correct name rose necked Parakeet , Gili in Kannada) is
(A) A gap between two rocks or buildings
(B) A structure made of leaves and thorns
(C) A hole in a tree
(D) None of these

39. In Karnataka, a Tahsildar also functions as (their official vehicles frequently carry the
name near their number plates)
(A) Taluk Magistrate (B) Judicial Magistrate
(C) Deputy Director of Land Records (D) None of these
40. Which of the following statements is true ?
(A) The sun rises in Udupi earlier than in Bidar
(B) The sun rises in Bidar earlier than in Udupi
(C) The sun rises in Bidar and Udupi at the same time
(D) None of these
41. The industry Mysore Paper Mills is located in
(A) Mysore district (B) Shimoga district
(C) Chamarajanagar district (D) None of these
42. Who is the Lokayukta of Karnataka ?
(A) Justice Santosh Hegde (B) Justice Shivraj Patil
(C) Justice N. Venkatachala (D) None of these
43. The PIN (Postal Index Number) codes of all places/ Post Offices in Karnataka begin with
(A) 7 (B) 6 (C) 5 (D) None of these
44. Which of the following statements about the National flag of India is correct ?
(A) The saffron color is above green
(B) The green color is above safforn
(C) The Ashok chakra in the center has 27 spokes
(D) None of these
45. Tipu Sultan, the “Tiger of Mysore” died fighting against the British in the year 1799 in
Srirangapattna. In which district does Srirangapattna fall in ?
(A) Mysore (B) Hassan (C) Mandya (D) None of these
46. The town of Channapatna is famous for which cottage industry product ?
(A) Wooden toys (B) Jewellery
(C) Oil paintings (D) None of these
47. The place in Karnataka where gold is being mined now is in
(A) Koppal district (B) Raichur district
(C) Gadag district (D) None of these
48. Agumbe, known as one of the places of highest rain fall in Karnataka is located in
(A) Udupi district (B) Shimoga district
(C) Chikkamagalur district (D) None of these
49. Which of the following bird/mammal of Karnataka is not nocturnal generally ?
(A) Bat (B) Owl (C) Vulture (D) None of these
50. The unique thing of this district of Karnataka is that no railway trains pass through it.
Which is this district ?
(A) Bagalkot (B) Uttar Kannada
(C) Madikeri (D) None of these

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