II PUC ENGLISH Model Question Paper 
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I Answer the following in a word, phrase or a sentence each. 12x1=12
1. When according to Juliet would Romeo make the face of heaven so fine?
2. Mention one of the taxes imposed by the king of Monaco.
3. Where according to the speaker of ‘On Children’ do the souls of children dwell?
4. Name the author of ‘Tapovan’ as mentioned in ‘Everything I Need to Know I
Learned in the Forest’.
5. In the play ‘A Sunny Morning’, ‘the silver maiden’ refers to
a) Petra. b) Dona Laura. c) the ballet dancer.
6. Mention any one of the aspects that the speaker loved in his beloved in ‘When
You Are Old’.
7. What became the main reason of Tammanna’s life in ‘The Gardener’?
8. Name one of the things that the child’s foot wants to be in Neruda’s poem.
9. Which is the most astounding invention of man according to Borges?
10. Who are the drivers in Brazil on the look–out for?
11. How long had Roof been a bicycle repairer’s apprentice?
12. What has been a chosen medium for rural women of Pudukkottai?

II Answer any eight of the following choosing at least two from the poems in a
paragraph of 80-100 words each. 8x4=32
13. How does Romeo glorify Juliet’s beauty?
14. What made the king of Monaco alter his decisions in dealing with the criminal?
15. How should parents raise their children according to the speaker of ‘On
16. What account does Don Gonzalo give Dona Laura about his cousin’s life after
the duel?
17. Give an account of the strategies used by Tammanna to destroy Basavaiah.
18. Why according to Borges will books never disappear?
19. How according to the speaker does one find heaven on earth in ‘Heaven, If you
are not on Earth’?
20. According to George Mikes, the people of Brazil are both leisurely and speedloving.
21. ‘Roof is a clever manipulator.’ Justify.
22. How does cycling empower rural women according to P. Sainath?

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