II PUC Sociology Model Question Paper
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I. Answer the following questions in ONE sentence each: 10 X 1 = 10
 1. Which year is referred to as the Demographic Divide?
 2. Who introduced Christianity to India?
 3. Who introduced the concept of ‘Dominant Caste’?
 4. Which organization is working for the development of Soligas?
 5. Who is ‘Kartha’?
 6. Who called Indian Villages are ‘Little Republics’?
 7. Who introduced the concept of ‘Micro Finance’?
 8. Who studied ‘Dhorai Market’?
 9. Who is the Author of the book ‘Social Movement in India’?
 10. Who introduced the concept of ‘Globalization’?
II. Answer any TEN of the following questions in 2 sentences each: 10 X 2 = 20
 11. What are the forms of Demography?
 12. What is Social Inequality?
 13. Mention the two Tribal Zones of India.
 14. What is Affirmative Action?
 15. Mention the ‘Three Principles’ advocated by Dr. Ambedkar for Dalit

 16. Mention the two functions of Women’s Organisation.
 17. State the two forms of Joint Family.
 18. Mention the two Rural Development Programmes.
 19. Name the two Business Communities in India.
 20. Mention any two Social Movements in India.
 21. Mention the two types of Peasant Movement according to Kathleen Gough.
 22. What is Sanskritisation?
III. Answer any FOUR of the following questions in 15 sentences each: 4 X 5 = 20
 23. Explain the nature of Diversity in India.
 24. State the ‘Tribal Panchasheela’.
 25. Explain the disadvantages of Joint Family.
 26. Describe the main characteristics of Indian Villages.
 27. Explain the factors facilitating Peasant Movement.
 28. State the elements of Social Movements.

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