Certificate Course in Processing and Value Addition of Fruits and Vegetables Examination, August 2014 Course – 1 : PRODUCTION, COMPOSITION AND POST HARVESTING TECHNOLOGY (New Scheme)

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Answer any ten of the following. (10×2=20)
1. Give the composition of avocado.
2. What are phytates ?
3. State the health benefits of mango.
4. What are neutraceuticals ?
5. What is post harvest technology ?
6. What is aseptic canning ?
7. What is precooling ?
8. What is MAP ?
9. Expand TBHQ and BHT.
10. Which are sorbates ?
11. State any two factors affecting the growth and development of microorganisms.
12. Enzymatic spoilage of fruits and vegetables.

Answer any eight of the following. (8×5=40)
1. Explain the steps involved in the dehydration of vegetables.
2. Write a note on the preservation of food using antibiotics.
3. How can time affect the spoilage of fruits and vegetables ?
4. Determination of heat resistance of microorganisms.
5. Preservation by pasteurization.
6. History of development of heat preservation techniques of food.
7. Explain basics requirements of drying and dehydration.
8. Nitrogen-containing substances present in fruits and vegetables.
9. Discuss on any four fruits.
10. Discuss on sanitation in post harvest handling.
Answer any two of the following. (10×2=20)
1. Explain about the food remedies used in treating various disorders.
2. Discuss on texture and color of fruits and vegetables.
3. Explain in detail about the different methods of storing fresh fruits and vegetables.
4. Discuss the role of various factors in the spoilage of fruit and vegetables.