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1. Let X be a normal random variable with mean 1 and variance 4. The probability P{X < 0} is
(A) greater than 0.5 and less than 1.0  
(B) greater than zero and less than 0.5
(C) 10.5
(D) 1.0
(E) None of the Above

2. COFMOW deals with
a) Research on maintenance practices of Railway equipments
b) Specifications and procurement of machines
c) Rehabilitation of diesel locos
d) None of the above

3. Choose the CORRECT set of functions, which are linearly dependent.
(A) cos 2x , 2 sin x and 2 cos x 
 (B) cos x , sin x and tan x
(C) sin x ,2 sin x and 2 cos x
(D) cos 2x , sin x and cos x

4. In a CAD package, mirror image of a 2D point P(5,10) is to be obtained about a line which passes
through the origin and makes an angle of 45° counterclockwise with the X-axis. The coordinates of
the transformed point will be
(A) (7.5, 5) 
(B) (10, 5) 
(C) (7.5, −5)
(D) (10, −5) 

5. A single degree of freedom system having mass 1 kg and stiffness 10 kN/m initially at rest is
subjected to an impulse force of magnitude 5 kN for 10−4 seconds. The amplitude in mm of the
resulting free vibration is
(A) 0.5 
(B) 10.0
(C) 5.0 
(D) 1.0 

6. The target ineffectiveness for wagon stock is
a) 10%
b) 6%
c) 4%
d) 12.5%

7. A bar is subjected to fluctuating tensile load from 20 kN to 100 kN. The material has yield Strength of 240 MPa and endurance limit in reversed bending is 160 MPa. According to the Soderberg
principle, the area of cross-section in mm 2  of the bar for a factor of safety of 2 is
(A) 400 
(B) 1000
(C) 750 
(D) 600

8.. IRCAMTECH deals with
a) Research on maintenance practices of Railway equipments
b) Specifications and procurement of machines
c) Modernization of rolling stock
d) Rehabilitation of diesel locos

9. A simply supported beam of length L is subjected to a varying distributed load
sin (3π x/L) Nm−1, where the distance x is measured from the left support. The magnitude of the
vertical reaction force in N at the left support is
(A) L π 
(B) L 3π 
(C) zero 
(D) 2L π

10. Which of the following features are not present in a BCNA Wagon
a) Air Brake
b) Helical Spring
c) Cylindrical Roller Bearing
d) CASNUB Bogie

11. Two large diffuse gray parallel plates, separated by a small distance, have surface temperatures of
400 K and 300 K. If the emissivities of the surfaces are 0.8 and the Stefan-Boltzmann constant is
5.67 × 10−8W/m2K 4, the net radiation heat exchange rate in kW/m2 between the two plates is
(A) 0.66 
(B) 0.79 
(C) 9.99 
(D) 3.96
(E) None of the Above

12. BOXN Wagon has ------advantage over a BOX Wagon
a) More no. of wagons can be accommodated in a rake
b) requires less maintenance
c) permits higher speed of trains
d) all the above

13. The power required by the compressor in kW/kg of gas flow rate is

(A) 194.7 
(B) 243.4 
(C) 304.3 
(D) 378.5

14.. Which of the following features are not present in a BOX Wagon
a)  Cylindrical Roller Bearing
b) UIC Bogie
c)Vacuum brake
d) Helical Spring

15. The thermal efficiency of the cycle in percentage (%) is
(A) 24.8 
(B) 46.06
(C) 44.8 
(D) 53.1 
(E) None of the above

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