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The Key Answer of KPSC Non Tech Examination held on 18/12/2016 is published at KPSC website on 19/12/2016.

Click here to download Paper I Questions with Answer

Click here to download Paper II Questions with Answer

Directions (Q. Nos. 67-70) : The questions are designed to test your knowledge of English Vocabulary. Choose the correct word from the options given below and shade/blacken it on the answer sheet.
67. A collection of poems is known as
 (1) Anthology
 (2) Almanac
 (3) Arsenal
 (4) Cavalry
68. The act of speaking disrespectfully about sacred things is known as :
 (1) Grandiloquence
 (2) Blasphemy
 (3) Magniloquence
 (4) Rhetoric
69. Someone or something incapable of being corrected
 (1) Inevitable
 (2) Illegible
 (3) Incorrigible

 (4) Insolvent
70. A person who is indifferent to pleasure and pain and has control over his emotions.
 (1) Truant
 (2) Stoic
 (3) Teetotaller
 (4) Somnambulist

71. Which of the following communication channel that allows data transmission from source to destination in both directions simultaneously ?
 (1) Full duplex
 (2) Half duplex
 (3) Duplex
 (4) None of the above
72. What is the full form of ‘SIM’ in SIM card ?
 (1) Student Identification Mark
 (2) Subscriber Identification Module
 (3) Subscriber Identification Machine
 (4) Subscription In Mobile
73. The mode of operation in which the data packets are transmitted to every computer simultaneously
on the network is called :
 (1) Broadcasting
 (2) Miscasting
 (3) Multicasting
 (4) Unicasting
74. The following function key on keyboard can be used to view
slide show :
 (1) F1
 (2) F2
 (3) F5
 (4) F6
75. The maximum zoom percentage in Microsoft Power Point is :
 (1) 100%
 (2) 200%
 (3) 300%
 (4) 400%
76. Which of the following is not an Operating System ?
 (1) Windows 2008
 (2) UNIX
 (3) LINUX
77. After typing a C program in a C Editor
 (1) The program should be compiled
 (2) The program should be Executed
 (3) First (1) then (2)
 (4) None of the above

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