Question #1. A fixed steady rest is fixed to the lath bed and only used to
a)Support the both ends
b) Only support the chucks
c) support at one fixed place only  
d) only support centres

Answer:c) support at one fixed place only  

Question #2. It is similar to that of screw but it has no head and it has threads on both ends, center portion is bean as it is called
a) D.E. spanner
b) Nut
c) Bolt
d) None of above
Answer:d) None of above

Question #3. Radious gauges are used to check the size of ________
a) Length
b) Inside dia
c) outside dia
d) None of these
Answer:b) Inside dia

Question #4. In a thread the top surface joining the two sides of a thread is __________
a) Root
b) Angle
c) crest

d) Pitch
Answer:b) Angle

Question #5. Which bolt fit in rectangular slot
a) Hook bolt
b) Hexagonal bolt
c) T- bolt
d)square bolt  
Answer:d)square bolt  

Question #6. Lathe lead is made of ______________
a) H.C. Steel
b) cast iron
c) mild steel
d) Nickel
Answer:b) cast iron

Question #7. The morse taper is denoted by the letter m.T. it is available from ___________
a) MT0 to MT4
b) MT0 to MT5
c) MT0 to MT6
d) MT0 to MT7
Answer:d) MT0 to MT7

Question #8. In a drill the divigend of the drill which is fitted on to the machine spindle is called
 a) Arbor
b) parallel slant
c) Taper shank
d) Shank
Answer:d) Shank

Question #9. The symbol of resioned Reinforced bond is
a) R.P
b) B
c) BF 
d) X
Answer:c) BF 

Question #10. In a thread the surface joining the crest and the root is called
a) 7 lank 
b) Axis
c) Major dia
d) Root
Answer:a) 7 lank