* A 8 day old neonate presents with bile stained vomiting. Gastric dilatation is seen on an abdominal Radiograph.
What is the most likely cause of these abnormalities?
A) Umblical hernia
B) GAstric Ulcer
C) Colonic carcinoma
D) Jaundice
E) Volvulus

Answer: E) Volvulus

* An MRI of brain is requested for a patient suspected of metastatic cancer. Which of the following clinical information is a contraindication to MRI?
A) History of a pacemaker
B) History of previous allergic reaction
C) Heart Problems
D) History of Fever
E) Sterilization clips
Answer: A) History of a pacemaker 

* A 63 year old Mr. Joman presents with acute large bowel obstruction, rectal bleeding and change in bowel habit.
What is the most likely cause?
A) Colonic carcinoma
B) Pile/ Fistula
C) Volvulus
D) Haemorrhoids
E) Hernia

Answer: A) Colonic carcinoma