1 st year paper -1(GNM Exam)(Anatomy and physiology & microbiology)
Time-3 hrs Full Marks -75
Answer all Questions
Q1. (a)Define respiration? (3+7+5)
(b) Draw the labeled diagram of lungs.
(c) Explain the mechanism of respiration.
(a) Draw a labeled diagram of the Urinary System. (5+5+5)
(b) Explain the formation of Urine.
(c) Describe briefly the structure of bladder.
Q.2. (a) Define sterilization. (3+6+6)
(b) Explain the physical methods of sterilization.
(c) What are the different modes of entry of micro organism into the body?
(a)What is reproduction? (3+6+6)
(b)Draw a labeled diagram of female reproductive system.
(c)Describe the function of uterus and its appendages.
Q.3 Write short notes on any 3. (3X5 = 15)

(a) Cranial nerves.
(b) Physiology of respiration.
(c) Synovial Joint.
(d) Hemoglobin
(e) Cerebrum
Q.4 A. Mark True or False against each sentence. (1X10)
I. The specific gravity of urine is 1200 to 1500.
II. Trachea is 10” long.
III. Diaphragm is a muscle of digestion.
IV. Left kidney is slightly lower than the right kidney.
V. The spinal cord lies outside the vertebral column.
VI. Sternum is the bone of thoracic cage.
VII. Occipital bone is the only movable bone of the skull.
VIII. Progesterone is a hormone produced by Corpus lute um.
IX. Pineal gland is a small body situated in the breast.
X. Islets of langerhans secrete Prolactin.
B. Fill in the blanks. (1X5)
I. ________is known as Master of Glands.
II. _________is the longest and strongest bone in the bod y.
III. ________is the reservoir of bile.
IV. There are _______layer in digestive tract.
V. Hot air oven is used for sterilizing _______materials.
Q.5 (A) As a nursing personnel what you do in following situations. (2X5=10)
I. Person having Hypoglycemia.
II. Fracture of Tarsal Bone.
III. A person with severe asthma.
IV. Spinal Injury.
V. Retention of Urine.
(B) Write full form of abbreviations. (1X5=5)